Handcrafting a "Book of the Soul"
Facilitator: Kim

The world and our soul work together to reveal themselves to us in subtle ways: Words, images, discoveries, intuition, found objects, color, dreams, ideas, music, movement, relationships to one another in this world and beyond. Find creative ways to capture these insights into your soul's journey by handcrafting a "Book of Soul"-it may become your Book of Shadows, more or less, as you choose to reflect upon it.

Not a writer? Not an artist? No problem-we'll discuss using found images, words, art, and objects as well as book-making. All attendees are encouraged to bring writing (yours or others), found objects, pictures, etc. if you'd like to incorporate them into your Book of Soul.

Mindplay: The Key to Peace and Self-Acceptance
Facilitator: Sharon

This will be an experiential workshop with lots of meditative practice time. We will discuss and explore the practice of mindfulness which Jon Kabat Zinn defines as “paying attention on purpose”. For years I would take short meditation workshops like this, vow to start a daily practice, and after a time become discouraged as it felt like I was doing nothing once I was back in the privacy of my home. I finally learned that this intentional “nothing” that I was doing was the point. Mindfulness has lots of research supporting the health, mental health and relationship benefits. The only benefits that matter are the ones you get yourself and the only way to see how it works is to practice. Come enjoy practice with us.

Crafting Personal Meditations
Facilitator: Steph

Meditation can be a great way to relax. Often guided meditation let people connect with deity. For some people the mind is blank, for others the mind wanders with all matter of thoughts. This class will help people write their own guided meditation to use at home. This allows for each person to go to their own personal place of reflection: instead the beach, mountain, or field that others have asked them.

Small Altars, Big Wishes
Facilitator: Violet

We all are familiar with the use of altars, but sometimes we just don't have the room! A shrine can be a very personal, very powerful representation of our desires, dreams, and wishes. They can represent a single idea or theme. In this class, we will be exploring what shrines can mean and creating our own mini versions. Some materials will be provided, and we encourage you to bring anything that you would like to add – paint, stones, etc.

Making Simple Herbal Medicines
Facilitator: Becky

Making herbal medicine seems like it should be difficult, but it’s not! In this learning circle, we’ll start by making some simple traditional herbal medicines, such as tinctures, oils and glycerites. We’ll then discuss other “sneakier” ways to incorporate herbal medicine into your life (or the lives of those you love!) by hiding them in some tasty treats – dips, pesto, “ninja balls” and other fun things. We’ll sample lots of goodies and have recipes and directions to take home!

Create Your Own Divination Tool: Tarot & Oracle Cards
Facilitator: Becky

In this class we will look at the Tarot and other oracle decks to discover their hidden wisdom and to create our own personal set of cards. We will start with a look at the cards and then bring these classic images of the tarot, or other oracles, to life through our own creativity. Two separate techniques will be taught using collage, you may choose which is better for you. Bring your favorite tarot/oracle decks to share for inspiration!


Who We Are:

Kim's spiritual practice is guided by the desire to learn how one's life can achieve its highest spiritual ideals. For 30+ years, she has conducted personal research and professional scholarship related to historical and modern interpretations of Pagan/fringe traditions, including Garderian, Alexandrian, and Dianic Wicca; Eygptian, Greco-Roman, and Ritual Magic; Norse Heathenism; Gnosticism and Kabbalah. Her personal practice is generally semi-solitary, eclectic/Celtic Wicca-the Morrigan and Athena are longstanding touchstones for her magic, prayer, and meditation. The study and practice of tarot, herbalism, animal behavior, kitchen witchery, and fine art, and dance are all aspects of her Craft. Professionally Kim has instructed medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy literature courses as well as writing across the disciplines. She continues to learn every day.

Stephanie has been finding her path since the late 90’s and once in North Carolina came into her own. Since then she has been active in the pagan community and loves to watch it change into something new and different each year. She lives with her family in Raleigh and 4 lazy cats.

Sharon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional as well as a practicing pagan. She lives in Durham and has been involved with Quest for approximately 15 years. She completed the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program at Duke University and has a daily practice.

Violet has lived in North Carolina for most of her life, since the age of 4. She grew up in the back woods area, where she spent most of her time among trees and wildlife. Violet learned about paganism at age 13, and practiced mostly solitary, but she occasionally rides her broom out of the closet to join in community fun like Winter Quest and Spring Quest. She lives with 3 cats, 1 Betta named Captain Sassy Britches, her best friend, her husband and a whole lot of books. Violet is an arts and crafts witch, always wanting to dish up some hocus-pocus with her hands.

Becky Starr is an instructor by passion and training with interests in many areas. She is the co-owner of Starrlight Mead, a honey winery in Pittsboro, NC. In the Pagan world, she is a frequent workshop leader for Carolina Spirit Quest, including both Spring Quest and Winter Quest. Becky is a past President and Vice President on the Board of Trustees for CSQ. Becky is an eclectic pagan, a Priestess of Isis and Freyja, an herbalist, and lives in Durham, NC.



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