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Since 1996, CSQ has held annual events in April. We grew from 45 attendees in 1996 to 82 in 1998. In 1999 our attendance fell to 68 due to cancellations because of the change of venue, but we recovered with an attendance of 76 in 2000 at our new site, Millstone 4-H Camp near Ellerbe, NC.. CSQ 2001 and 2002 both had over 100 participants.

In 2004, we moved the spring event to Wm. B. Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC. The desire to have vendors again took us back to Millstone 4-H Camp in 2009. Their remodeling project required us to find another site for 2009. Camp Royall, just south of Pittsboro, NC is our new venue, and it is the nicest we have used. We will be there in 2010.

We've tried to add new workshops, new programs, new ideas and most importantly, new people each year. We learn new things each time we hold an event and we try to make improvements as we go.

This section of our pages has some of the information from past events. You can get a feel for what we've tried to do in the past here and an indication of what the future might be.

In Fall 2001 we added one-day QuestSpecials with "Blood, Stones and Runes."

Our First Winter Quest was held In January 2003 at Fairy Stone State Park near Martinsville, VA. For 2009, we moved to James River State Park, near Lynchburg, VA. We are working on our ninth Winter Quest for January 2011.

In concert with three other Pagan non-profits, CSQ helped put on the first Pagan Leadership Skills Conference (PLSC) in July 2004. The second PLSC in August of 2005 was sucessful and the consortium has presented another each summer in the Richmond, VA area. The PLSC is a four-day gathering for networking, resource sharing, and in-depth training in the "nuts and bolts" skills necessary to create, maintain, and strengthen local Pagan initiatives. After the 2009 event, PLSC was spun off as a separate entity.

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