CSQ - Spring 2008


"Honoring Yesterday, Welcoming Tomorrow"
April 18-20, 2008
Camp Millstone
Ellerbe, NC

Spiral Rhythm appearing at Spring Quest 2008!!!

The Spring Quest 2008 staff is pleased to announce that Spiral Rhythm will be joining us this year! Spiral Rhythm is a fabulous singing group comprised of friends that have been singing together for around 10 years whether it be around a bonfire, at gatherings, or at various festivals. Spiral Rhythm's goal is and always has been to raise the spirit through voice and song, and they accomplish this with their heartfelt music that you can't help but to dance to. Come feel the magic in the air and lose yourself in song and dance as Spiral Rhythm performs for us on Saturday afternoon.

Spring Quest 2008 will be a celebration honoring the past and embracing the future. The theme of Quest '08 is an Encircling of who, what, when, and where we have come from as well as looking to our tomorrows and what is to come.

Not only should we think of our literal ancestors but also our spiritual ancestors. It's a time to honor all those that have touched our lives in large and small ways. Not only should we honor our own children but all the creations of tomorrow. For every new creation is something to be cherished and welcomed into our lives.

Reflection and growth. Honoring Yesterday and Welcoming Tomorrow at Spring Quest 2008!!!

What are Spirit Ancestors?

When introducing the theme for Spring Quest '08, Honoring Yesterday, Welcoming Tomorrow. I mentioned not only thinking of our literal ancestors but our Spiritual Ancestors as well.

On a personal level, this concept evokes many feelings for me. Spirit Ancestors represent many things to many different people. With this article I hope to get everyone who sees this thinking about their own Spirit Ancestors.

For some, Spirit Ancestors are the sprits of the lands we dwell upon. They may be the divine creators of the world or the founders of a tribe. These Spirit Ancestors are the creators of the world and all its inhabitants, and the places the Spirit Ancestors touched upon this earth are still imbued with their power and energy.

The concept of Spirit Ancestors can also embody the living memories of our genetic family members that have passed beyond the veil. Ancestor Worship. These are the people who have genetically formed you physically and have in some ways contributed to your personality and personal history. Connecting with our Spirit Ancestors on this level means celebrating the sprits and lives of our departed family members. For individuals who may have lost one or many very close loved ones; teachers, parents, siblings etc. this can be a powerful way to honor and continue to send energy to those whose spirits have moved above the physical plane. Personally, studying my genealogy, the study of family ancestries and histories, is one hobby that has allowed me to bring a more personal touch to my reverence for those who have gone before. It has allowed me to have deeper and firmer roots to my genetic history and Spiritual Ancestors.

Sprit Ancestors are even our own selves. The soul memories of the lives we have lived before. For those who know and remember who they were in previous lives this form of worshiping the Spirit Ancestors empowers and recognizes how our individual souls have grown, learned and developed through the ages. It allows the celebrant to reflect upon and honor the eternity of their own spirit/soul.

The traditions and teachers that have lead and lead you upon your current path are your Spiritual Ancestors. We are the continuation of our elders and teachers and our students are our own descendants. These ancestors have given you insight, direction, motivation, inspiration and faith. For many these spirit ancestors have provided a new life and made life worthwhile, and for this they deserve reverence.

On so many levels Spirit Ancestors exist and continue to touch our lives. They are worth honoring and I'm excited that part of the Spring Quest '08 experience will be devoted their reverence.


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