CSQ - Spring 2008 Rituals



The ritual team has been inspired by this year's theme: "Honoring Yesterday, Welcoming Tomorrow". Our rituals will have at their center the Ancestor Bowl, an item that was donated to CSQ several years ago in memory of Bart Wendell, a departed CSQ member. The Board of CSQ carries this bowl to all of their meetings and light incense in the bowl to honor the past, the present, and the future. Our rituals will follow and respect this Quest tradition.

As Spring Quest is a family event, children are welcome at all rituals…in fact, the children will have a very special part to play in the Main ritual Saturday evening! No special dress is required for the rituals, although many people do enjoy dressing up in their favorite ritual attire.

Opening Ritual - Honoring the Past

In our Opening Ritual Friday evening, we will be creating sacred space and our intention for the weekend. We will light the ancestor bowl in honor of the past, our ancestors, and where we come from.

Main Ritual - Honoring the Present

In our Main Ritual on Saturday evening, we will light the ancestor bowl in honor of the present. This ritual will be centered on where we are in the moment, what shaped us to bring us here, and how we see ourselves.

Closing Ritual - Honoring the Future

In our Closing Ritual Sunday afternoon, we will light the ancestor bowl one last time in honor of the future. As we return to our mundane life, let us think about where we want to take that life and who we want to be.

Memorial Ritual, Saturday 1:00-1:30 - Honoring Our Ancestors

In this special Memorial Ritual on Saturday afternoon, we will take some time to remember any loved ones who have passed during the previous year, be they fur, feathers, scales, or skin. We will also speak of Kestral, a recently departed CSQ member, as we light the bowl in honor of our ancestors.

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