Carolina Spirit Quest - Winter Quest 2005


"Behind the Mask—Our inner Spirituality"
January 28-30, 2005
Fairy Stone State Park, Stuart, Virginia

Join Carolina Spirit Quest at the third annual - Winter Quest! So many of us have jobs that don't allow us to listen to the cycles of the natural world, particularly in the winter when Nature's message is one of rest and renewal. The purpose of Winter Quest is to listen to the rhythms of Nature and to do quiet reflective and nurturing rituals and activities. This weekend event, like last year's, will follow a pattern similar to that of a Spring Quest - but on a more leisurely pace and scaled back participation. Registration is limited to 32 participants, so register quickly! Download a registration form or the complete catalog in Portable Document Format (PDF).

When the wheel turns to the chilled short days of winter, it is time for introspection once again. This January, we will be continuing our process of looking inwards in the wintertime. The theme for the Winter Quest event is "Behind the Mask - Our Inner Spirituality."

Masks hold many magical mysteries in a variety of worldwide cultures throughout time. Masks are used in religious workings to invoke the powers of deity and to offer protection for mankind from fearsome powers. They can be used to change personas or to hide or replace one's identity. But beneath the mask, the person is still a person, with his or her own unique face. We each wear our own masks. If we are in the broom closet - from choice or necessity - we wear them to protect ourselves. We also can wear them because we are afraid of letting others, or ourselves, know what is inside. Beneath our masks lie awesome powers; an awesome spirituality.

This Winter Quest we will look at what lies beneath our masks. What is our inner spirituality? Is it that core of divinity that rests in all of us that makes us who we are? Looking beneath the protective barrier we wear - to protect ourselves from others or protect others from ourselves - will open a door of possibilities. And in the tranquil and enchanted winter wonderland of Fairy Stone (we've been blessed by two snowfalls in previous years) we will have a safe haven to glimpse beneath the mask and leave the weekend knowing that what is beneath is so precious it should be gazed upon more often.

We have lined up a selection of learning circles appropriate for the season and the spirit of the event:

    Mask Logo
  • Make Your Own Divination Tool - Tarot Cards - Becky Starr
  • 78 Card Pick-up - Discovering Tarot Spreads - Lance Brown
  • Wearing the Zodiac: Personalized Chart Jewelry - Amy Brann
  • Gift of Pleasure: Head and Neck Massage - Dick Merritt
  • Feng Shui Applications - Ursa Madre
  • Vision Quest in Fabric - Fritter
  • Life Masks - Gryphon Rosemead
  • Spirit in Rhythm - Tigre
  • Hiking in the Winter Landscape on Park Trails - staff

There will be time to talk or just be alone.
Time for meditation and mindfulness.
Time for drumming and dancing.

Worship - Our Opening Ritual will include the construction of our Community Altar. The Main Ritual highlights the sharing of ourselves and creating a mask representing our inner spirituality. It will be both meditative and creative in nature. The Closing Ritual focuses on what we each carry away from our journey.

Fairy Stone Lodge

Housing - The Fairy Stone Lodge and Cabins are heated and air-conditioned. Linens are provided. Full kitchens and bath facilities are incorporated in the lodge and each cabin. The lodge is handicapped accessible. For more information on the Park, please visit the Virginia State Parks website at

Food Service - Meals will be planned and ingredients purchased by CSQ staff, however the preparation of the meals will be split amongst the participants. It is a fine opportunity to get to know each other better. Both herbivore and omnivore diets are provided for, as well as other dietary restrictions that are indicated at the time of registration.

Registration - Registration fee is $89. Registration form and details are available here. A waiting list will be maintained if necessary.

For more information, contact the Director, Amy Brann, at or (919) 624-1320.

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