Carolina Spirit Quest - Winter Quest 2005 Registration



Registration fee is $89.00 per person. This includes lodging, meals and learning circles.

There has been an increase in the cost since last year. We have increased the length of the Lodge reservation to allow flexibility in the Sunday schedule. This also provides us with an "inclement weather" cushion. Previous years, Fairy Stone has been blessed with snow on the final day of the event. With the lengthened lodge reservation participants can stay an extra night and depart on Monday if weather is bad.

Each person is required to make a $5 cleanup deposit. This deposit will be returned when we have cleaned up the lodge and cabins and we are ready for the Ranger's checkup inspection.

Late registration fee of $20 is due on all registrations postmarked after January 15, 2005.

Refund of registration fee, less $10 for handling, will be made if cancellation is in the hands of the registrar by January 15, 2005 at midnight.

Registration is limited to 32 people. Register early. Registrations are processed in the order that complete registrations are received. If necessary, a waiting list will be maintained. Persons on the waiting list will be notified of any cancellations by January 15.

The event will not be cancelled due to weather unless the Commonwealth of Virginia closes the highways in the park area. The park does not close due to bad weather.

Registration Form and Catalog

The catalog and registration form are available for download below.

Make as many copies of the registration form as you need

Mail registration form with your registration fee and a separate check for the cleanup fee to:

Carolina Spirit Quest
PO Box 61335
Durham, NC 27715-1335

Download registration form or the complete catalog in Portable Document Format (PDF).

On-line Registration Form

You may register and pay on-line if you prefer.

Click this link for on-line registration and payment via PayPal. You are no longer required to be a PayPal member in order to use their sevices.

For more information, contact Amy Brann (Director) at

For more information about Carolina Spirit Quest, please contact
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