Carolina Spirit Quest - Winter Quest 2005 Workshops


Learning Circles

Friday Evening

Gift of Pleasure: Head and Neck Massage - Dick Merritt
Massage Being able to touch skillfully and sensitively enhances our sensual expression. To touch with awareness is a beautiful gift for a friend or lover. Massage and the healing power of touch underlie most bodywork and healing energy modalities. It can be a part of many diverse spiritual paths. Besides, it is fun.

Workshop consists of demonstrations and practice. Participants will learn to give and exchange relaxing and healing massage of the head, face and neck. Bring a towel for each participant. Oil is furnished.


Spirit in Rhythm - Tigre
Want to play in drum circles? In this workshop, you'll learn a grounding exercise to open you up to the drum and Baba Olatunji's hand technique and drumming language for Djembe. Then, we will use this to learn a multi-part West African rhythm and play it around the circle. After the class, you will have the tools to practice playing the different sounds (voices) of the drum and the technique to be able to play longer, faster and with control.

Saturday Morning

Life Masks - Gryphon Rosemead
Mask In a perfect world with complete tolerance for different spiritual Paths, we could live our beliefs publicly with no concern for repercussions. I visualize this future as often and as hard as I can, but realize the present can be quite dangerous for known Pagans. Some of us can be fired outright, with little or no explanation. We can be harassed by co-workers, clients or neighbors. The day will come when no one will be persecuted for their religion--but that time is not here yet. So some of us must wear masks in certain situations. How can we comfortably do this while still staying true to our Path? In this Workshop we will face our guilt about the double lives we lead. There is a sacred Being that sees and knows us as we are deep inside and with their help, we will create a Bead Circle to carry with us so we can work magic discreetly wherever we go.


Make Your Own Divination Tool - Tarot Cards - Becky Starr
In a continuation of the Make Your Own Divination Tool series from previous Winter Quests, we will look at the Tarot and discover its hidden wisdom by creating our own personal cards. We start with a look at the cards of the major arcana and then bring these classic images to life through our own creativity. Bring tarot decks to share for inspiration!

Saturday Afternoon

People Quilting

Vision Quest in Fabric - Fritter Riley.
Creating a quilt is creating a vision. We will each select various fabrics that speak to us and build a small 2-foot wide tack quilt that recreates our cosmology. This will be a sitting around sewing workshop, so be prepared for some manual dexterity, and perhaps a bit of ordeal.

Earth, Moon and Sun

Wearing the Zodiac: Personalized Chart Jewelry - Amy
Most people know where their sun rests in their astrological chart. But the placement of all the planets, and knowing which house and sign they are in gives one much more understanding of who they are. During this workshop we will create bracelets or anklets representing our astrological charts. Using gemstones, chosen for their size and color to represent the planets and an astrological natal chart, we will create our own unique and beautiful chart which we can wear at all times. And next time someone asks, "Do you know what sign Uranus is in?" you can just look at your beaded chart and go - "Why yes, it's in Scorpio!"

Sunday Morning

Tarot Cards

78 Card Pick-up - Discovering Tarot Spreads - Lance Brown
This workshop will look at Tarot spreads for a variety of uses. We will explore several different layouts and discover the best spread for the type of information desired - from easy 3 card spreads to more elaborate 15 card ones. Some experience with tarot is recommended, but not required. Bring your decks to use for readings or to share!!

Feng Shui Applications - Ursa Madre.
Chinese Characters This workshop provides an overview of Feng Shui, the eastern philosophy of arrangement. How does the surrounding geography affect the flow of positive energy in your dwelling? How can you reverse the effect of negative Feng Shui aspects? How do the five elements and eight aspirations of Feng Shui correlate with Wiccan/Neo-Pagan practices?

Using the principals of locational Feng Shui will help you analyze the flow of energy within your own dwelling or workspace. Using the principals of personal Feng Shui will help you analyze the auspicious and inauspicious directions for each participant based on their own birthdate.

Discussion will focus on augmenting good aspects and correcting problem aspects. Bring floor plans (drawn or blueprints - rough scale is okay, but make sure you indicate North), photos, and a list of your personal/professional goals to take the greatest advantage from this workshop.


Hiking in the Winter Landscape - Staff
Fairy Stone has many trails to hike. One of the ways to listen to the rhythms of nature is to take a leisurely hike through the winter landscape. It can be a veritable walking meditation in silence. Join us and enjoy the Zen of the winter world.


Amy Brann has been involved with Carolina Spirit Quest since 2003. In addition to CSQ, she is involved with Celebrate the Circle in Durham as well as a couple other closed groups. An armchair astrologer, she is a Pisces with Libra Rising going through her Saturn Return. Describing herself as a "Hello Bast Pagan," she follows the Egyptian traditions, with an insatiable curiosity about many other paths - and a copious love of everything feminine.

Becky Starr describes herself as an eclectic Egyptian pagan and has been dabbling in the Tarot for over 5 years. She is a teacher/trainer by profession and passion, finding herself a now frequent workshop leader for Celebrate the Circle Learning Circles and Quest events. Becky is the Co-Director for Spring Quest 2005 and Vice President of Carolina Spirit Quest. Becky is a Priestess of Isis and lives in Durham, NC.

Dick Merritt, a retired professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association, led massage workshops for many years. Dick grew into paganism through the influence of eco-feminist spirituality in the 80's. It was a natural fit, given his agrarian background. He is an eclectic neo-pagan and Unitarian Universalist. Dick characterizes himself as a Joseph Campbell pagan because of his conviction that religion is metaphor. Strongly influenced by the Creation Spirituality movement, he describes himself as a panentheist. He enjoys frequent rituals and purification ceremonies. A techno-pagan, he is a retired UNIX technician.

Eric Fritter Riley is a DC Radical Faerie, a Librarian, and a fabric visionary. He is in the midst of making his first cosmic quilt, and if you're lucky you just may see it in this workshop.

Gryphon Rosemead has been practicing the craft since the early 70's and has given Workshops and done Rituals at many public and private gatherings from WV and NC to NY. She is a public Pagan, High Priestess, Elder and has earned a BS and MEd from the University of Georgia. Gryph is a National Board Certified Agriculture Teacher in the mountains of NC and lives with her cats, Grandmother and Josh and her K-9 companion, Skye. For more information visit her website at She can be contacted at

Lance A. Brown is a native of Minnesota now living in Durham, NC. He has followed a pagan path since 1988 and names himself a modern eclectic UU pagan. He was a member of Celebrate The Circle from 1992 till 1996 and returned to CTC in the summer of 2000. He is also a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Hillsborough, NC. He draws his spirituality from many sources including Wicca and other pagan traditions, UUism, and his Roman Catholic upbringing.

Tigre is a Drum Mage, a Rhythmancer and drum circle facilitator and instructor. He is a Circle Keeper of the DC Radical Faeries, a member of the Church of Four Quarters, and a third degree initiated High Priest in Wicca. In his thirty years of drumming, studying, training, and/or instructing classical and modern percussion, he has acquired a wealth of experience in band, orchestra, marching band and competitive drum corps. He is immersed in traditional West African Djembe drumming and technique. He studies drumming and drum circle facilitation with Jaqui MacMillan. He has performed with and learned from Daveed Korup, Aesa Grayson, and Jim Donovan of "Rusted Root". Tigre facilitates groups to shape intentions and drum circles for a variety of reasons: ritual, meditation, inspiration, trance, healing and enjoyment. Tigre has co-created formal and informal ceremonies for various organizations such as The Mid-Atlantic Pagan Leadership Conference, The Mid-Atlantic Men's Gathering, the Sacred Space Conference and PagaNet Inc. He resides in Washington DC.

Ursa Madre has been utilizing Feng Shui in both her personal and work lives for the past ten years with amazing results. She finds that it integrates easily into neo-pagan practice and is amused when elements of Feng Shui arise in conservative venues. Ancient Chinese magick is opening many doors these days!

Learning Circle Schedule

Gift of Pleasure: Head and Neck Massage Spirit in Rhythm (Non-workshop: drumming, dancing or talking)
Saturday Morning Life Masks Make Your Own Divination Tool - Tarot Cards (Free time)
Saturday Afternoon Vision Quest in Fabric Wearing the Zodiac: Personalized Chart Jewelry (Free time)
78 Card Pick-up - Discovering Tarot Spreads Feng Shui Applications Hiking in the Winter Landscape

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