CSQ - Spring 2003


Each Spring for the last seven years a group of Pagans in the Carolinas and Virginia have held a festival called Carolina Spirit Quest. This year's Quest, CSQ 2003, is scheduled for April 11-13, 2003 at Millstone 4-H Camp near Ellerbe in Richmond County, NC. For more information and pictures of Camp Millstone, follow the link on the left.

The theme for 2003 is "Stepping into the Light" . There will be workshops, discussions and events that will help you to make each moment a little more spiritual. Our activities will help you learn how to come out of the closet, if you wish, or how to celebrate your spirituality in your everyday life, quietly.


Are you intrested in being a vendor? Contact Joy Tortorelli at StarShadow1007@yahoo.com.

For registration forms or a printed copy of the catalog, click on "Download" to the left.

If you wish to be on our postal mailing list, email Susan Hill at schkali@aol.com with your name and mailing address. Remember to put "CSQ Mailing List" in the subject line.

Shared knowlegde and experirence enriches us all. Add your voice and perspectives to our quest as we explore how to step into the light.

Your Co-Directors,
 Lance Brown  Dan Tortorelli
 lance@bearcircle.net  dragonoth999@yahoo.com

For more information about Carolina Spirit Quest, please contact CSQuest@RTPnet.org.
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