" SQ 2012: Awakening the Chrysalis "

Dear Community,

At the end of April the flowers are in full bloom, the bees are making honey, the creeks are flowing, and all of nature is dancing in anticipation of Beltaine. However, many of us spend the majority of our lives away from nature, set in our routines, fulfilling our mundane priorities. In a world that is ever changing it is sometimes hard to keep up, and even more difficult to remain in touch with our true spiritual selves. Spring Quest provides an opportunity to get back in touch with nature, our spiritual selves, and our community.

Our theme for this year's Spring Quest event is “Awakening the Chrysalis.” Think of yourself as a butterfly. As butterflies, before we transform into our true forms, we are in the chrysalis stage. Our chrysalis provides safety and comfort. It is a place to grow and develop before we emerge, ready to spread our wings and soar to new heights. It is time to Awaken Our Own Chrysalis, to each emerge as our true spiritual self, and take flight.

Throughout the course of the weekend, we will be offering workshops on a variety of topics for all levels of experience. Our newcomers circle will be held on Saturday morning to welcome anyone new to Carolina Spirit Quest. Learning circles for children will be available during each workshop slot. Our opening, main, and closing rituals will help guide each of us through the journey of Awakening the Chrysalis and taking flight. Our nights will be filled with drumming, dancing, singing, story telling, and fellowship!

We will be gathering as a community for our Saturday night Feast, dressed up in our finest regalia, be it Renaissance, witchy/ wizardy, gothic, formal, or whatever you like! Come partake in a tantalizing multi-course feast in a festively decorated hall, filled with community, laughter, and revelry.

We have worked hard to revise the fee structure to make this event more affordable to include many more participants. There will be different meal plan options, as well as full and part time attendance choices for the weekend to fit any budget. We also have scholarships available to supplement the cost of attendance. Please do not be shy about applying for these!

Join us as we transform what is holding us back our lives, and emerge from our chrysalis empowered and energized!

In love and laughter,

Opal and Crystal








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