CSQ - 2004 Rituals



The Ritual Team has been working hard to bring you Rituals that support the weekend theme, "Our Magical Paths, Our Sacred Community," raise energy, and direct it to support all our chosen Pagan lifestyles, whether it is private worship, public celebration or somewhere in-between. The Opening and Closing Rituals will be short and to the point and the Main Ritual will be tight and focused on our Working. Children are welcome at all rituals, and alternative child-oriented rituals are also an option. All Paths will be honored and many different ones will be incorporated in the Rituals. Suggested dress for the Opening and Closing Rituals is comfortable attire. As is always the case at Spirit Quest, all rituals will be designed so that everyone, regardless of physical limitations, will be able to take part.

Opening Ritual

The Opening Ritual will be Friday night to create sacred space. This is a time to leave behind our mundane worries and enter our magical weekend together.

The Rainbow Bridge Ritual

We all know the pain and grief of losing a beloved pet. Join Tammie Ward as we remember, honor and reconnect with our friends that have crossed over. Please bring any photos, poetry, toys, etc. to place on an altar. This ritual will last between 30-45 minutes. If you would like to help plan this ritual, contact Tammie Ward at thorsmountain@hotmail.com.

Self-Guided Ritual Opportunities

Umstead is a beautiful, spiritual place. If you would like to conduct a personal or small group ritual, please let the CSQ staff know. We are happy to help you find a space for your rite.

Main Ritual

Our Main Ritual will be Saturday night and will probably last 1 -2 hours. In this ritual we will be exploring our individual magical paths and integrating them into our larger community. Therefore it is encouraged that you come to this ritual prepared in both your dress and countenance to represent what you feel your chosen path to be.

Closing Ritual

The Closing Ritual will be Sunday afternoon to finalize the weekend and release/thank the elemental directions. Gather in Sacred Community once more before returning to our individual paths.

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