CSQ - 2004 Directors' Welcome


Directors' Welcome

Hail and Merry Meet,

The Staff cordially invites you to attend Carolina Spirit Quest's Spring Quest 2004. Our theme this year is "Our Magical Paths, Our Sacred Community". This theme views the year between the CSQ Spring Events as the path leading into and out of a labyrinth, with the Spring Quest Weekend embodying the community placed at the center of the labyrinth. The emphasis for the 2004 Spring Event is that the community we form together is strengthened and enriched by the diversity of our individual spiritual paths.

At past Spring Quest events, we wove our diversity into a Magical Tapestry (2000), explored the depth and breadth of pagan traditions by Spreading Our Wings (2001), integrated our spiritual and everyday lives by Bringing Home the Magick (2002), and proudly celebrated our religious freedom by Stepping into the Light (2003). The twists and turns of Spring Quest events continue to bring us closer to our individual and collective centers.

And when we return to the center of the Spring Quest labyrinth, we will share our paths, celebrate our diversity, and rejoice in our community. So whether your practice is Eclectic or Traditional, Asatru or Wiccan, Druidic or Vedic, Ancestral or Techno, come prepared to share the gifts of your path and the paths of others through learning circles, rituals, community service, and fireside chats. As well, bring a flask of water from your journey, for when we come together in the center, we will symbolize the joining of our community by filling our cauldron from our individual spiritual wells.

Our Program embraces many paths. Bill Elston is offering a weekend long intensive on the Celtic Oghams. Other learning circles explore Shamanism, the Warrior Path, Wicca, Native American Healing, and West African Poly-rhythmic Percussion. Learn to blend your own incense, build a labyrinth, create a bamboo and tissue paper lantern, or weave a dream catcher. Drum and dance until the wee hours. This event blends a repeat of favorite Quest subjects with spicy new offerings for some surprising twists and turns in our weekend.

For CSQ veterans, come to an unexpected venue - a magical campsite in the midst of Raleigh - Camp Lapihio, at William B. Umstead State Park. This site offers many of the amenities of our familiar Camp Millstone combined with some interesting differences (for example, no top bunks).

For first-timers, we offer a Newcomers' Workshop on Friday to help you get the most out of the weekend. If you can't make the whole weekend, check out the day rates on the registration form.

Come celebrate with us in Sacred Community as we share our Magical Paths.

Tamia Buckingham (Ursa Madre)


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