CSQ - 2004 Registration Procedures


Registration Procedures

Registration Forms

Please fill out registration forms completely. Information on the forms is never made available to anyone outside of the staff. However, new registrants are added to our mailing list. If you would prefer not to be added to our mailing list, please indicate this preference on the registration form. Age and gender questions are for registration statistics.

Printable versions of the registration forms and this packet are available for download in Portable Document Format (PDF) on our web site - www.CarolinaSpiritQuest.org. Help us spread the word to everyone interested.

Registration Deadline

To avoid the $25 late fee, your registration forms and payment must be postmarked no later than March 30.


  • Membership fee: $25 per person for a year's membership in Carolina Sprit Quest, Inc.
    "A member is one who has paid the annual membership fee as set by the Board. The cost of the fee shall be offset by a voucher for the same monetary value, applicable to any CSQ event registration." (from the CSQ, Inc. bylaws as revised April 2003.)
  • Registration fees
    Adult members: $59 (with membership voucher applied at time of payment)
    Adult non-members: $84
    6-11 years: $40
    5 years and under: Free
    One day rate: $45
  • Learning Circle fees: As described on Learning Circle pages.
  • Vendor fee: $10 vendor fee. In addition 5% of gross sales to be paid before departure from site.
  • Tee Shirts: See registration form for pricing and sizes. Adult 2XL and 3XL cost $15. All other adult and children's sizes are $13.
  • Cleanup deposit: $25 per participant in a separate check so it can be returned. See page 25.
  • Late fee: $25 if registration is not received or postmarked before March 30.

on Site

Sign-in and Registration will be clearly marked and will be staffed Friday afternoon and early evening and again on Saturday morning. Please try to arrive before 8:00PM so that none of the staff who have worked long and hard to bring you this gathering will miss the opening ritual. You must sign in upon arrival. At registration, there is a large map on which you are requested to indicate your room or tent site so that your friends and others who may be looking for you know where to start. Please bring found items to Registration and seek lost ones there as soon as possible.

Early arrival on Site

Spring Quest begins on Friday with the afternoon learning circles. Everyone is welcome Friday, but we do not have any space Thursday for early registration or early arrival. Thank you for your help and understanding!

Quest Flyer

The Carolina Spirit Quest 2004 flyer in Portable Document Format (PDF) is available for download from the CSQ web site. It will help CSQ if you will post or distribute this flyer where Pagans and other Earth-centered religionists will see it. It requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, there is a link to Adobe's site.

For more information about Carolina Spirit Quest, please contact CSQuest@RTPnet.org.
To contact the webmaster please email Webmaster.

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