Keynote - Paganism in the Third Millennium

The two thousand years allotted by their own mythos for the reign of Christianity has now ended. After an age-long exile, Paganism is returning to the world. The TV broadcasting of The Mists of Avalon, the popularity of Harry Potter, and the recently released Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies are only a few ways in which the new Pagan renaissance is impacting the popular culture - especially the next generation. Joseph Campbell said it is time for a new myth that includes the whole Earth and everyone on it. Paganism and the Gaia Thesis offer such an all-embracing mythos. This Millennium can be ours, if we can seize the day. Let us explore the possibilities...

The Children's Program

CSQ 2002 has three children's programs that will be available during each workshop session. These are for infants and toddlers age 0-4, children 5-10, and Teenagers 11-16. Your children will be able to meet and interact with other children their own age with similar beliefs in a safe environment. See the Children's Programs section for more information.

Masquerade Ball

For those who want to meet others, enjoy dancing and good pagan music, join us for the 3rd annual Masquerade Social. Wear a costume, paint your face or wear a mask that personifies you and your path. There will be a few masks available, but if you want to be you, bring your own. We will weave our individual personas and join them together in unity. There will be games, music and contests.

During the first hour of the Ball, a silent auction will be held, auctioning off a fabulous collection of magickal items donated by various members of our community. See the Silent Auction section for more details.

Drumming Circles

Drums are important links for modern Pagans to their past and to the many other pagan groups around the world. The basic rhythms created by drumming connect us to nature and to the deeper aspects of ourselves, and it is a lot of fun, too! Drumming circles will be held on Friday and Saturday nights after the end of the other scheduled activities and will continue for as long as drummers can stay awake! If you like to drum or dance to the sounds of drumming, come prepared for those activities. Bring your drum, your bongos, whatever you use to create a beat. Or, if you donít drum, the rhythm is sure to pull you into a dance. Many of the participants indicated that the drumming circles were among the best things about previous Spirit Quests.

Bards' Circle & Other Events

Other informal events will occur. Check the schedule board in the Dining Hall for the latest information. If you come up with an activity to share, put it on the schedule board so others will know.

One event, a Bards' Circle, is planned for Saturday night. The purpose of a Bards' Circle is to share stories, songs, ballads, boasts, promises, favorite gods/goddesses, etc. with the other participants.

Spirit Gift Exchange

One of our Quest traditions is the Spirit Gift Exchange. Anyone who brings a gift can participate. It's simple; bring a gift to share, take home a gift. This can be a way to share your artistic talents (or your favorite local artist), a secret about your path, or gift you found in one of your sacred places in nature. Give from your heart. A note to explain your gift is always appreciated. This is one more way we are Bringing Home The Magick. There will be a table in the dining hall to collect the gifts. The exchange will take place after the closing ritual. Questions? Email Tammie Ward at

Community Altar

Quest 2002 will incorporate a huge central altar for everyone. Now here is your part: bring your sacred objects to place on the altar. You may want to bring a bit of cloth or a small tray for your objects. Candles are fine for this altar, but they must be contained such that they will not drip on any cloth nor fall over. Also, we all need to be mindful of how much space we use on our altar. It will be large, but so is our community. With your help, we can have a place of great beauty and satisfaction.

There will be just a few rules for our community altar:

  • Objects are sacred, so if it is not yours, donít touch it.
  • Objects, including candles, must be secure and not in danger of falling over.
  • You are responsible for removing your objects on Sunday afternoon - we will remind you when you need to do that.

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