Directors' Welcome

Dear Spring Quest Participants,

Greetings and welcome to another fantastic year with Carolina Spirit Quest. To our veterans - you will not be disappointed in what we have in store and we thank you all for your continued hard work and input in making this event happen. You have enabled us to make this year’s Quest better than ever and we can’t wait to share another weekend with you. To our new friends who are about to join our family, it’s hard to begin describing the awesome adventure you are about to embark upon. Welcome.

For over six years now, CSQ has grown from its inception as a cozy pagan gathering to becoming a valuable resource of networking, education, and change for our Community. Now, we invite you to become a part of that growth and share your dreams and gifts with us. Last year’s Quest taught us to spread our wings and take hold of the magick from our past, present, and future. This year, we will learn how to bring that magick home.

Prepare yourself for an intense weekend of ritual, meditation, dance, music and fun. You should come with an open mind and the willingness to take that next step in personal growth, or perhaps be willing to begin the journey for the very first time. This weekend will be as intense or as casual as you make it, and we are here to foster a safe, sacred and satisfying experience for one and all.

We are honored to have Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart as our distinguished guests during this retreat. They have a rich background in building intentional community and fostering personal growth and are willing to share this with us in the form of lectures and workshops. All are invited to attend, but be proactive about registering in order to secure a space.

We are proud to say that at this year’s Quest, there is something for everybody. For shoppers, bring your gold galleons, sickles and knuts - we have a silent auction in the works. For the infants, toddlers, and teenagers - each of you have separate programs and some dedicated Staff members to make your weekend a memorable one. For the wild and willey - don’t forget about the drumming circles (which are now open all night). We will still hold our plethora of workshops, drumming, and Bardic circles, as well as host the annual masquerade ball. There is a mystery dessert that is guaranteed to knock your socks off, so bring your masks and costumes and don’t miss out! By the way, come hungry because we are privileged to have the world’s only six star chef cooking for us and we hear he’s got a protégé in training too.

We have made many changes to this event to be as inclusive as possible to all of our Community members and always welcome new opportunities to make this event more special. We invite you to spend a magickal weekend with us, which will erase the "mundane" from your life, forever. Come bring home the magick with Carolina Spirit Quest from April 12-14. We look forward to seeing all of you at the beautiful grounds of Camp Millstone.

~ Signed Lance Brown and Blake Davis

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