Magickal Silent Auction

Come join us for the first CSQ Magickal Silent Auction! During the first hour of the Masquerade Ball, we will be auctioning off some very special items donated by our members - simply record your name and bid amount on the description form. Bids can be raised in whole dollar increments.

Bid sheets will be collected at the end of the hour, all bid sheets will be collected and the winners identified. For instant gratification items, delivery of the item will be made upon payment. All other items must be paid for by the end of the Sunday business meeting. All proceeds of the auction will go to fund future CSQ projects and events.

Here is a selection of items being offered. If you have an item or service that you would like to donate to the auction, please contact Tamia Buckingham, CSQ President, at



Bite of Heaven

Be the First to Taste the Legend - the first serving of Torrin and Bill's legendary dessert that will be unveiled at the masquerade ball. Bill informs us that in addition to the 3 houses containing puff pastry rooms filled with delectable flavors, there will be some very interesting surprises. An instant gratification item.

Donor: CSQ Kitchen Staff
Market Value: Priceless
Suggested Opening Bid: $5

Tammie Ward's Famous Chocolate Cheesecake

Two ways to win!

First, Tammie will bring one of her mouth-watering cheesecakes to CSQ. There are ten slices up for bid for those of you desiring instant gratification - the top ten bids win. Then, knowing how addictive these cheesecakes are, Tammie is also offering to deliver an entire cheesecake to anyone within a 60-mile radius of Durham (two weeks notice required). If you live further than 60 miles from Durham, plan a meeting spot with Tammie within that distance.

Donor: Tammie Ward
Market Value: Each slice - $6, Entire Cheesecake - $30
Suggested Opening Bid: Each slice - $2, Entire Cheesecake - $20

Piano Tuning

Danny Moses will provide up to a two-hour tune up for your piano - within a 60-mile radius of the Triangle.

Donor: Danny Moses
Market Value: $90
Suggested Opening Bid: $50

Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two

Time and Place to be arranged between winning bidder and pilot. Come experience Earth, Fire, Air, and possibly Water from a very different perspective! This hot air balloon ride will last about an hour (weather and landing conditions permitting) and conclude with a champagne ceremony. If you're not sure this is really pagan, check out the balloonist's prayer:

"The Winds have welcomed you with softness,
The Sun has blessed you with its warm arms,
You have flown so high and so well that the Gods/
Goddesses have joined you in your laughter,
And set you gently back into the loving arms of
Mother Earth."

Donor: Tamia and David Buckingham
Market Value: $250
Suggested Opening Bid: $75


Mythic Images: Aphrodite Statue

Oberon Zell Ravenheart designed this gorgeous statue with an accompanying explanation tag written by Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart. My hope is to have Oberon and Morning Glory sign it at CSQ. This is an instant gratification item.

Donor: Tamia Buckingham
Market Value unsigned: $60
Market Value signed: Priceless
Suggested Opening Bid: $30

Hand Raised Baby Bird

One very friendly hand fed, hand raised baby bird, probably a cockatiel or lovebird. Your choice of those available at auction time. Pictures of the birds available and cage will be at the auction. No pets are allowed at Camp Millstone so arrangements for pick up will take place after the auction between the breeder and the new parent(s).

Prize includes:

  • 1 Healthy Baby Bird from 2 - 4 months old complete with baby picture
  • The stuffed animal that they have had since they were 2 weeks old
  • A health guarantee
  • Information Packet to include species-specific information
  • Starter Seed Packet - enough to last 2 weeks
  • 1 medium size cage

Donor: Mystic Earth Creations
Approximate value: $95.00
Suggested Opening Bid: $45

Autographed Pair of Scooby-Doo Boxer Shorts

They will, of course, be new and not used. Signed by the co-directors. This is an instant gratification item.

Donor: Blake Davis
Market Value: Priceless
Suggested Opening Bid: $10

One Set of Ogham Cards and Instruction Guide

Set number 3 of a limited production of 27 sets. The Oghams are an ancient form of Celtic pictographic lines whose primary function was to improve the users memory. Oghams have been adopted as a divinatory tool by many practitioners. These sets primary function is to instruct the user in various forms of healing, herbalism (3 different trees/plants per card, including the herbal, magical and practical attributes), aroma therapy, color healing/therapy, gem stone therapy and counseling (through the spiritual lessons of the animals, birds, Gods and Goddesses) of each Ogham.

Donor: Bill Elston
Market Value: Priceless
Minimum bid: $27.00

Custom Cotton Cloak with Celtic Trim

A professionally crafted cotton twill cloak in your choice of colors(black, navy, burgundy, or forest green) and trim featuring a Celtic knot motif. Examples will be available at auction for you to try on, and a representative from GreyCat Designs will be on hand to take all measurements necessary for your custom creation.

Donor: GreyCat Designs
Market Value: $100.00
Suggested Opening Bid: $50.00

Handmade Besom from CTC's 10th Anniversary (Samhain 2001)

This limited edition item was handcrafted during the children's ritual. Broomstraw was gathered from the wild in Southern Durham County. The handle was harvested from fallen branches - no live trees were harmed in this craft. This is an instant gratification item.

Donor: Celebrate the Circle
Market Value: Priceless
Suggested Opening Bid: $5

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