Children's Program

The CSQ family is growing every year - and this means more children of all ages attending the weekend events. Based on this growth, CSQ is dividing the Children's Program into three age groups; 0-4 years, 5-10 years, and 11-16 years. Children will be able to attend three two- hour workshop sessions (Saturday AM, Saturday PM, and Sunday AM) specifically focused at their age group and interests. If you are interested in volunteering time to aid these programs, please contact Jasmine, CSQ Volunteer Coordinator, at

Tiny Tot Program

Ages 0 - 4

This program will provide age appropriate activities for the children during regular workshop hours. These activities will include making masks and rattles for the main ritual, coloring, singing and dancing. If your child has special needs, please contact Sherri Woody at or 336-437-9988 after you register so that she can plan and provide for them.

Juniors Program

Ages 5 - 10

On Saturday, children will make rattles and masks for their use in the Main Ritual on Saturday night. The children will be led in an open discussion of what ritual means, ritual etiquette, and ritual roles. On Sunday, the children will discuss how the ritual went and what they thought about it. There will also be craft and play time to burn off energy before the drive home. CSQ is currently discussing this position with several volunteers. If you are interested in leading this group, please contact Julie Hunt, Programs Manager, at for more information.

Teenagers Program

Ages 11 - 16

This workshop tract will focus as an introduction to Shamanism. It will consist of three two-hour workshops. The first workshop will be an introduction to building a spiritual sauna. We will build a sauna and have the optional opportunity to be part of a real sauna experience later in the day. The second workshop we will make ancestor staffs and use them as a focal point in beginning a meditative journey to find our Spirit Guides or power animals. The third workshop we will be crafting Spirit Bags to take home with us after they have been charged with the groupís energy. We will also craft a group Spirit Bag to leave at Camp Millstone to be retrieved at Quest 2003. After you have registered for this tract you will receive a post-registration packet that will contain some information on the tools and knowledge we will be using through the weekend. Please be sure to send a mailing address if you wish to receive this packet.

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