This year the workshops offer something for the body, the mind and the spirit. You can make a special chalice, make a special talisman, make a special friend. Learn about the Norse, learn a new chant or belly dance, learn to meditate, learn to heal yourself. You can find out why we sweat and why we bleed. You will leave knowing you are a sacred person. Blessed Be!

Please Note: The workshops are subject to change at any time. Check the web site regularly for any additions and updates.

Pyromancy Friday PM
Facilitator: Bill Elston

A presentation on the use of fire as a Divinatory tool. Saftey, possible history of Pyromancy, safety, ritual fire construction (woods to use, styles of fire (tee-pee - log cabin - etc), ritually starting a fire, safety, interperting the images perceived - whether they are seen in the flame, ashes, embers, smoke, more than one of the preceeding, safety, pryotechnics (special effects), and safety.

Bill Elston is a 40 year student and practitioner of Druidism and Celtic influenced Wicca. He say "I have studied and taught: Tarot, Runes, Color and Candle Magic, Shamanism and Celtic Myth and Magic. I was first exposed to pyromancy at the age of 6 when my mother consulted a pyromancer concerning a life threatening battle with cancer. The doctors stated that I would lose within two weeks. That was in 1951. It's been a long two weeks."

All ages
No limit

Runes Saturday AM
Facilitator: Danny Moses

This workshop will focus on working with Runes as divination, magical and meditation devices. Also, we will be learning how to make a set of Runes from various substances.

Danny Moses has been exploring various forms of spirituality for over 25 years. In the last four years, he has focused exclusively on the Spiritual practices of the Ancient Norse.

All ages
No limit

Healing Through The Five Senses Saturday AM
Facilitator: Sharon Hill

We will explore the use of healing modalities thru the framework of the five senses. This workshop will also provide information about different healing and magical techniques and combining them for maximum effectiveness. We will do some hands on work of channeling positive energy using various sensory techniques.

Sharon Hill is a pagan with an interest in oriental spirituality, chakras, alternative healing, energy work, Shamanism, meditation and human potentiality. She led the chakra workshop last year at Carolina Spirit Quest and teaches often at Celebrate the Circle.

Ages 10 and up
Limit 20 people

Spiritual Sauna Saturday AM & Sunday AM
Facilitator: One by Tim Woody & One by Lance Brown

A discussion of the purpose and some various forms of spiritual sauna ceremony and how it can be adopted to modern neo-paganism. This will include logistical and safety considerations for running a sauna and a brief, but real, sauna based on the teachings of an Elder. Bring two large towels, one to sit on and one to dry yourself with. If you are wearing clothing, make it loose; avoid spandex. The saunas are "clothing optional". Any person present may choose to be clothed or unclothed, according to their level of comfort. While the sauna area is not handicap accessible, we will try to make this experience available to all that care to attend.

Tim Woody is a member of several pagan groups in the Triangle and the UU Congregation of Hillsborough. Tim is married and has three children; Sundance, 10, Rhiannon 2 and Thor, 1. Wanting to share his feeling of community with his children at Sabbats, Tim started the Children's Circle. The Children's Circle is a kid-oriented Pagan group that meets to celebrate the Sabbats. Children of all ages and sizes are welcome to attend. Tim hopes this group will grow into a resource for Pagan parents.

Lance Brown is a native of Minnesota now living in Durham, NC. He has followed a pagan path since 1988 and names himself a modern eclectic UU pagan. He was a member of Celebrate the Circle from 1992 thru 1996 and returned to that community in the summer of 2000. Lance is also a member of the UU Congregation of Hillsborough. He draws his spirituality from many sources, including Wicca and other pagan traditions, UUism, and his Roman Catholic upbringing.

All ages, written parental permission required for those 16 and under
Limit 15 people per sauna
Additional $5 fee for supplies

Circle of Stones Saturday AM
Facilitator: Brydie Firedragon

Brydie Firedragon, fascinated by the Medicine Wheel and having no access to its use, developed this workshop, for her own exploration and then to guide others. The purpose of this workshop is personal spiritual exploration. You may expect to meet a powerful spiritual guide who will journey with you in your quest. This training is designed for people who are serious about their further growth and development, for people who are deliberate about their path. The tool we will use is guided meditation. Experience is not necessary.

Brydie Firedragon was raised and confirmed a Christian. That and other experiences never worked for her. She was a solitary for a long time, doing what ever felt right. By age 50, Brydie read Drawing Down The Moon by Margot Adler. She had no choice but to name herself witch. Reading The Spiral Dance by Starhawk began shaping her practices into ritual, more alone than not. Brydie feels fortunate to have landed in the Unitarian Universalist church where she found spiritual leaders who were able to guide her on her path. Dick Merritt joined ERUFF and talked about starting a CUUPS Chapter and Celebrate the Circle was born. Brydie says: "For the very first time, I met like minded folk who wanted to do ritual as a group. For the very first time I knew my joy on my spiritual path. We all have subtle distinctions in our beliefs and in our practices, and still can come together to worship, explore and grow. This is the best of Unitarian Universalism: To work and worship together, honoring our differences.

Ages 16 and up
Limit 15 people

Amulets and Talismans Saturday AM
Facilitator: Asherah

Each person will combine stones, oils and and/or herbs with correspondences that relate to their goal, choose and appropriately corresponding material for their amulet or talisman (bag, bottle, string), combine their chosen items and charge their amulet or talisman with energy. Charts of correspondences will be available as well as a supply of components for their uses.

Lady Asherah is a Third Degree Gardnerian High Priestess. She was brought up by a father strong in Native American beliefs and has always honored Nature and the energies of the world around her. Her attunement of spirit and body with the rhythms of Nature aligned while she live in Alaska in a log cabin 17 miles from the nearest road 14 years ago. Asherah has traveled the United States and overseas and has learned about other cultures and beliefs. She and her mate now lead Coven Shadow Veil, a traditional Garderian teaching coven and share their love of nature with their students. She loves hiking, camping, gardening, herbology and animals. Asherah firmly believes that in honoring the divine within nature, all paths can meet in peace and harmony.

Ages 13 and up
Limit 15 people

Introduction to Tarot Saturday PM
Facilitator: Silhouette

This workshop will be an introduction to the ancient art of reading the Tarot. We will look at the history of Tarot, the correspondences of the cards with other systems such as astrology and celtic elemental magic. We will also discuss some simple meditative techniques that can be used in conjunction with the Tarot. It is not neccessary to bring your own deck, although you are encouraged to do so if you have one.

Silhouette has been a member of the Raleigh-Durham pagan community for about two years now and is active in Celebrate the Circle and the Lunatic Fringe. She has been reading the Tarot since she was 13 years old and has worked with several decks and systems over the years.

Ages 10 and up
No limit

Releasing the Magick in Glass Saturday PM
Facilitator: Starshadow

StarShadow will show participants how to etch on glass. She will provide all the supplies and etching cream needed to do the etching. If participants have a special glass, jar or chalice they wish to design, by all means bring it. This can be your opportunity to create that special magical tool you've always wanted.

StarShadow is from Cherokee, North Carolina with an Irish/Cherokee/Creek heritage. She currently lives in Waynesville, NC with her wonderful mate of 6 years, Dragonoth. In the mundane world, StarShadow works as an Administrative Manager of a home improvement company. In the spiritual world, StarShadow has been a dedicate of Coven Shadowveil for 3 months and worked as a solitary for years prior to that. She prefers to living in the spiritual world. StarShadow has always had a love or arts and crafts. She has been doing woodworking, glass etching and stained glass for the last several years for fun and occasionally for profit.

Ages 10 and up
Limit 10 people
Additional $10 fee for supplies

Sacred Blood Saturday PM
Facilitator: Gryphon Rosemead and Tammie Ward

Women bleed, but do not die. This workshop will focus on menstruation and its effects on our lives. Participants can bring sacred items to place on an altar. Please bring any books, poetry, tales or personal writings you would like to share with the group. Also come prepared to discuss your feelings on menstruation, whether you have not started to bleed, no longer bleed, or are somewhere in between. Gryphon and Tammie will lead the group in a guided meditation.

Gryphon Rosemead has been a pagan for many years and is interested in all paths. She is a member of Celebrate the Circle and the Lunatic Fringe in the Triangle area. Gryphon has taken part in many rituals, gatherings and taught many classes. She is a school teacher in Granville County and shares her household with a cat with no name and her dog, Othello. Gryphon is Co-Director of Carolina Spirit Quest this year with her sister.

A Durham native, Tammie Ward is interested in learning about all paths. She is currently studying Runes and Shamanism. She is a member of the Lunatic Fringe. Tammie lives and works in Durham. She enjoys spending time with Danny Moses, the mountains and backpacking among other things. Tammie has two black cats, Concho and Pepper. She volunteers at the Durham County Animal Shelter. Tammie is Workshop Coordinator and on the Board of Directors for Quest.

Females (parent must speak to Gryphon or Tammie for ages under 10)
No limit

Dancing the Fire Within Saturday PM
Facilitator: Lady MoonDance

Close your eyes and feel the wind blowing around you as you call to the East, the sun warm on your face. Reach deep into the Earth and pull up her energy, allowing your body to move with it as it flows through you. Then relax to lie back into her warm embrace, as the Mother holds you safe and secure.

Through experiential visualizations* and moving meditations, we will create sacred space and then draw up and dance with the transformative fire that lies within each of us. Special emphasis will be on seeing the body as a sacred vessel and on acknowledging each of us as precious in our own unique beauty. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a blanket to lie on.

*As an example, quarter calls similar to those used for this workshop are published online at:

Lady MoonDance has been a priestess, teacher and webweaver within the Pagan community for many years. She is or has been a part of many groups, including but not limited to: Celebrate the Circle, The Lunatic Fringe, The Church of the Earth and the Raleigh Full Moon WomanCircle. Part of CSQ since its inception, MoonDance is happy to be leading workshops again this year. She also runs an email list for news and announcements of interest to Pagans in the Carolinas and surrounding areas at

18 years and up
No limit

Practical Bardism Saturday PM
Facilitator: Isaac Bonewits

Isaac will discuss the many ways in which music, song, poetry, and chant can be effectively used in ritual, using examples from the "Pagan Top Ten" chants and lesser known material from Druidic and Wiccan sources. Particpants are encouraged to bring musical instruments and favorite songs and chants. Near the end, we will pick appropriate materials for the main ritual.

Isaac Bonewits is North America's leading expert on ancient and modern Druidism, Witchcraft and the rapidly growing Earth Religions movement. A practicing Neopagan priest, scholar, teacher, bard and polytheologian for over thirty years, he has coined much of the vocabulary and articulated many of the issues that have shaped the 300,000 strong Neopagan community in the United States and Canada, with opinions both playful and controversial. (Note This bio taken from other source Copyright 1999 c.e., Isaac Bonewits)

All ages
No limit

Herbs in the Media Sunday AM
Facilitator: Jenna "Tigerheart" Parsons

This workshop is a discussion (not lecture!) of herbs that are popular in the news and other media. We will discuss what they are supposed to do, what they actually do, which ones are safe and which ones are not safe. This is also an opportunity for everyone to share the herb or herbs they wouldn't live without. Please bring a mug and some of your Favorite herbal tea to share if you'd like.

Jenna "Tigerheart" Parsons has studied and worked with natural remedies most of her adult life. She uses herbalism and aromatherapy to maintain her own health and to address the health needs of her loved ones.

All ages (parental consent for those below 10 years)
No limit

Bellydance: Honoring Our Bodies in Movement Sunday AM
Facilitator: Lynda Aiman-Smith

Bellydance is a beautiful and ancient dance form which originated in the Middle East and the Orient. This dance has recently gained popularity in the United States as a graceful and fun form of exercise, but more than that, it is an expression of the unity of our body with every other part of our being. This workshop will introduce some basic bellydance moves which are simple and can be done by people of any fitness level. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.

Lynda Aiman-Smith was born in New Mexico, lived for 20 years in Berkeley, California and moved to North Carolina in 1996. Her birth family celebrates earth-centered spirituality. Lynda's grandmother taught her moon spells. Her mother has a sweat lodge on the family land in Arizona. Lynda has been bellydancing for one year. It has changed her life.

All ages
No limit

West-African Drumming Sunday AM
Facilitator: R.J. Perz-Edwards

Learn the basics of West-African poly-rhythmic percussion. R.J. will give a brief introduction to the cultural context of this type of drumming, explain how to get the basic sounds, and then teach some rhythms. The heart of this music is the dundumba, sangban, kenkeni, and bell, so I'll bring several of each of these for people to borrow. Practice rubbing your stomach and patting your head, since you'll have to do two different things with each hand. Depending on the location and size of the workshop, earplugs might be a good idea. If you want to learn the accompaniments (which I'll also teach), an ashiko or djembe are best, but a conga or dumbek will work also. To get the best sound, hand drums should be tight. Push on the head with your thumb. If it's a little bit softer than a table top, then that's about right. Talk to me before the workshop if you need help tightening your drum.

R.J. Perz-Edwards has been studying West-African percussion for about 5 years. For the past year he has been facilitating a percussion choir that meets once a week in Durham. He is also a drum-maker.

All ages
No limit

Awakening to Shamanism and Witchcraft Sunday AM
Facilitator: Phaedra Oorbeck & Isaac Bonewits

A two part introduction to the Aradianic Faerie Tradition. Part one is a concert reading of AF's core text, Aidan Kelly's controversial "Gospel of Diana". The workshop concludes with an optionial, experiential exercise.

Phaedra Oorbeck is the High Priestess of Aradianic Faerie Tradition. She is a long-time Pagan with initiations into several Traditions of Magick and Witchcraft and is the current Vice President of the Covenant of UU Pagans.

Ages 18 and up
No limit

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