Miscellaneous Info


Camp Millstone has 14 cabins, roughly divided into two groups, with a bathhouse at each group. The cabins have built in bunks (not moveable) with mattresses. The mattresses are on top of plywood, so they are firm. There are eight bunks inside each cabin, and three bunks on the screened-in porch of each cabin. We will ask you to choose your cabin by single gender, segregated, or couples. Everything else you need for your comfort you must provide: pillows, sheets, blankets or sleeping bag. There is no heat in the cabins, washrooms, or recreation hall. Come prepared for the changeable April weather.

Limited tent camping will be permitted for those who desire the privacy. Since our costs are the same either way, no discount is given for tenting. We can not park automobiles next to either the cabins or tents.


Omnivorous and vegetarian meals will be provided from Friday evening through Sunday noon. Participants with special dietary needs should indicate them in the space provided for special needs on the registration form.


Parking is allowed only in designated areas. We will not be able to drive to the cabins for unloading. We will gather a few strong volunteers with carts or wheelbarrows to help you schlep your gear to your cabin. Keep in mind, as you plan, that what goes to the cabin must come back from the cabin. You might leave some gear in your vehicle.


We welcome vendors to CSQ! If you would like to sell your own goods or services, please fill out the appropriate additional areas on the registration form. (Please note that you must also be registered to attend CSQ.) You must also contact StarShadow to let her know that you intend to vend and what types of items you plan to sell. Spaces are $5 for an 8 x 8 spot. Spaces will be available both inside or outside. They will be assigned in the order that payment is received. In addition, we require 5% of your total sales at checkout time. For more information or special needs, please contact StarShadow.

Obligatory Work Shift Opportunity

Each person attending Spirit Quest is required to sign up for at least one two-hour work shift. It is necessary that everyone take part in this shared labor for the gathering to function pleasantly for all participants (including the staff, who have been working for months). Please sign up for a job at the Check-In when you arrive. Work shifts are available on a first come, first choice basis. There are ample spots for larks and owls. Please be at your work station on time.

Site Cleanup

It is very important that we return the Site to the condition it was in before we arrived for Spirit Quest. The Staff consists of volunteers, who also pay to attend the event. In order to encourage all of the participants to help in this last community effort, we require that all registrants include a separate $10 check as a refundable deposit for site cleanup. This check will be returned at 4:00 PM on Sunday to all participants who have helped clean the site. Those who do not wish to participate in the cleanup will donate their checks to the start-up costs of CSQ 01. Checks that are not returned WILL be cashed. If you absolutely must leave before 4:00 PM, please make separate cleanup arrangements to allow your check to be returned to you.

In An Emergency

In case of any emergency onsite, please contact Security. We hope to have personnel trained in emergency medicine available on site. Security will be able to contact Rockingham County EMS.

The Resident Manager's personal phone number is (910) 652-5905 or 652-6388. It can be used only in the most dire situations. If you must be in touch with office or sweetheart, bring your satellite phone.

Health Care

We want everyone to have a healthy Spirit Quest. You are responsible for your medications (if any), and your own health. If you have any conditions that might require immediate attention, inform the staff when you register. If an emergency should arise please let the staff know immediately.


No one can guarantee your safety. Read and honor the rules created for your own protection. We want everyone to have a safe Spirit Quest. There will be NO flame or fire of any kind in the cabins. This means no incense, candles, or smoking. There is no smoking allowed inside any camp structure.

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Participant shirts will tentatively be royal blue with the Spreading Our Wings logo in white ink. They must be ordered when you register. Sizes and prices are on the registration form. T-shirt and/or sweatshirt orders on registrations received after March 30th, 2001 will not be filled.

What to Bring

  • A sense of humor and good will.
  • Sleeping bag or bedding that will keep you warm in temperatures that may approach freezing. Pillows and extra blankets as you may need for your comfort.
  • Warm clothing for cold weather; cool clothing for warm weather; rain gear for you and your stuff in case of wet weather. Umbrellas and waterproof foot gear could be welcome additions.
  • Towels, biodegradable soap and shampoo, personal care items.
  • A lawn chair or something to sit on.
  • A flashlight, or electric lantern (non-flame-oriented lighting method).
  • Insect repellant and sunscreen.
  • Special dietary items and/or necessary medications.
  • Drums, rhythm and musical instruments, vocal abilities.
  • A gift for the "Gift Tree."
  • Festive decorations and decadent stuff for your campsite and for the dining hall.
  • Sacred dress, outrageous costuming, and lots of glitter.
  • Respect, compassion, understanding, trust, enthusiasm, authenticity, honesty, and above all, love.
  • Sacred objects to put on community altars. These items will go home with you after the event.

Millstone & Quest's Rules

  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No pets
  • No firearms
  • Consent Requirement - "It is the responsibility of the initiator of any sexual or other physical contact to positively ensure that consent is given before engaging in such contact."

    For more information about Carolina Spirit Quest, please contact CSQuest@RTPnet.org.
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