Keynote Event

The Keynote this year will be taken on by Isaac Bonewitts. The theme is "What Neopagans Believe: Explaining Ourselves to the General Public" This is a timely event since CSQ has sometimes had difficulties explaining what we do. This has led to problems with finding a permanent site. There have also been members of our comunity who have had problems with the media and with their employers, some to the extent that they have lost their job. This lecture will help create a framework in which we can live in greater harmony in our communities. Learn more about Isaac at

The Cosmic Kid's Workshop - Our Children's Program

The children's program will be led again this year by Ginger Rain. Three days of fun, education, spirituality and more fun with hands on crafts such as: weaving dream catchers, salt dough sculpting, constructing and understanding altars, making wings and baking sacred cookies to be shared with our community. We'll have spiritual walks in the forest with emphasis on loving and respecting the Earth Mother; we'll also go in search of our sacred stones.

Ginger's Bio:
I am a child of the Universe. I am a futuregenerationist who strongly believes in the power of Love and Karma. I am an animal rights activist and a tree hugger. My children and I have marched and rallied in Washington, DC against the abuse of women and children. My babies were home-birthed and, for a time, home-schooled. I am an artist and a student of Life. I believe in Faeries, Magick and Laughter, and I'm really looking forward to meeting you all at CSQ.

There will be Workshops on:

  • Goddess Tradition: Explanations for Children
  • Handing Down our Traditions
  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit

Ginger has the following request:
I would like for the children be of ages five and up, teens are most welcome! I ask only that your children bring a good-sized cloth grocery bag for carrying home all their goodies. Some eager and loving parental volunteers would be appreciated.

For further information, e-mail Ginger at:

Masquerade Social

On Saturday night after the main ritual, dress up for the Freaker's Ball! The social event of the season is a great way to meet everyone else at Carolina Spirit Quest. Some masks will be available for the creatively challenged. Music will be provided again by DJ Magnus, playing his mix of rock-pop-country-pagan-disco! Prizes will be awarded for the best and most creative costumes.

Drumming Circles

For modern Pagans, drums are important links to their past and to the many other Pagan groups around the world. The basic rhythms created by drumming connect us to nature and to the deeper aspects of ourselves, and it is a lot of fun, too! Drumming circles will be held on Friday and Saturday nights between the end of the other scheduled activities and midnight (sorry we canít go later, the Resident Manager's family needs to be able to sleep.)

If you like to drum or dance to the sounds of drumming, come prepared for those activities. Bring your drum, your bongos, whatever you use to create a beat. Or, if you donít drum, the rhythm is sure to pull you into a dance. Many of the participants indicated that the drumming circles were among the best things about previous Spirit Quests.

Bards' Circle & Other Events

Other informal events will occur. Check the schedule board in the Dining Hall for the latest information. If you come up with an activity to share, put it on the schedule board so others will know.

One event, a Bards' Circle, is planned for Saturday night. The purpose of a Bards' Circle is to share stories, songs, ballads, boasts, promises, favorite gods/goddesses, etc. with the other participants.

Spirit Gift Exchange

Bring a gift to exchange: store-bought or homemade, something to share with a fellow Quest participant. You may turn it in at registration or at designated stations throughout the weekend. Gifts will be handed out at random after the closing ritual on Sunday. Remember your Karma and only take a gift if you donated one.

Community Altar

Quest 2001 will incorporate a huge central altar for everyone. Now here is your part: bring your sacred objects to place on the altar. You may want to bring a bit of cloth or a small tray for your objects. Candles are fine for this altar and they must be contained such that they will not drip on any cloth nor fall over. Also, we all need to be mindful of how much space we use on our altar - it will be large but so is our community. With your help we can have a place of great beauty and satisfaction. There will be just a few rules for our community altar: objects are sacred so if it is not yours, donít touch it. Objects, including candles, must be secure, that is not in danger of falling over. You are responsible for removing your objects on Sunday afternoon - we will remind you when you need to do that.

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