Directors' Welcome

Why Come to Spirit Quest?

Last year, while I was sitting at the registration table in a rare moment of calm, I wondered why I was here. Not only me, but why was everyone else here? What drew them to this annual event?

I looked out the door to the clearing surrounded by woods and saw a gray haired elder speaking to a young child, both engrossed in their conversation. I saw sun beams dancing through the trees outside the dining hall. I watched staff running to and from, setting up tables, directing participants to their cabins, and greeting everyone with a smile. Two men laughed together as they loaded a wheel barrow with stones and wood to carry to the spiritual sauna. I could feel the ebb and flow of energy flow around me as people greeted each other with hugs and laughter as they discussed which workshops they were taking or just catching up since their last 'quest.' The banging of pots and pans in the kitchen caught my attention as the folks working in there began the evening meal. Everywhere I looked there were smiles and team work as everyone pulled together to make this event happen.

I looked back at my old table sitting on the plank floor in the rustic dining hall and saw the lap top computer blinking at me. Then I looked back at the elder and the child, walking off down a trail now, holding hands. How similar these two pictures are, if you look closely.

The elder and the rustic dining hall are our history, without which we would be less than what we are. Both tell stories of times past and give a sense of security and strength. The child and the computer are our future. How our community evolves and grows will be a direct result of the time, care and knowledge that we pass to both. All the people bustling about are our present. You are one of these people, a valuable link to our past as well as to our future. You are the bridge for these two realms. And Camp Millstone is a beautiful, rustic place with tall trees and dancing creeks where all of these magical, mystical people meet for one very special weekend.

Why do people come to Quest? We come to share our roots, dance between the worlds, weave magical tapestries, and plan our futures. We share ourselves as we honor the divine in all things. We bring our joy of life, honor of nature and our diversity of backgrounds so we can grow and learn. We live the idea, for one precious weekend, that all paths are magical and can meet in love and trust. And when the weekend is over, we take a part of that wonderful community with us, already looking forward to the next year's event.

If you have been to Camp Millstone before, come again and enjoy the peaceful sense of community you help to create. If you haven't, please join us and experience being part of this large fun loving community. We welcome you all to Camp Millstone and to Spring Quest 2001. I look forward to sharing this very magical event with all of you wonderful people out there.

Blessed Be,

Carolina Spirit Quest has become a very important event in my life. I have watched it grow and participated in it since the second year. From calling a Direction the first year I attended, to becoming one of the Co-Directors this year, I have become more and more involved.

CSQ is a place I can drop some of my masks. Being a High School teacher I could at the least be hassled by parents and staff and at the most (Scotland County...) be suddenly escorted off campus, never to return. My mundane and professional lives are for the most part separate.

At Quest, I hear conversations about Isis and the Orishas as I walk along a path to the mess hall. People discuss Norse beliefs compared to Druidism over coffee late at night. New and different ways of celebrating the Wheel of the Year are evaluated. Dances are taught and chants are learned.

And everywhere--EVERYWHERE--there is community.

People sharing their joys, helping to spread the pain of bad experiences. Joyfully chanting and dancing and dancing and dancing until the drummer's hands are blistered and the dancers can barely breath. Then resting and doing it all over again! Gathering in sacred Ritual to worship the Old Ones in perfect love... and perfect trust.

My life makes me hunger for this kind of interaction, and I only find it at Pagan gatherings. CSQ is a place to see the same folks year after year, and to meet new ones. I can sit down and really talk to folks I can only hug in passing elsewhere. It is a cherished time for me.

I am so honored to work with the Staff and Board of Carolina Spirit Quest. Among those that give freely of their time, energy and other resources are those I number among the best teachers, leaders, friends and interesting people. With these folks in place, this year's CSQ will truly be a place for beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence.

Gryphon Rosemead

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