CSQ - Spring 2006 Rituals



Our theme for this year, "Awakening Our Dreams, Igniting Our Reality," sparked the imaginations of our ritual team. They have created rituals that will invite you into the land of dreams to imagine what you would like to create in your life and in our community! Dare to dream your wildest dream for the future and bring it to life in the loving arms of our community!

All rituals are open to children and are designed to accommodate everyone, regardless of physical limitations. (However, the ritual area is about a 200 foot walk from vehicle access.) For children not wishing to attend the larger rituals, alternative child-oriented activities will be offered during Opening, Main, and Closing Ritual timeslots. Comfortable attire is encouraged at all rituals, festive dress is always appreciated.

Opening Ritual - Off to Bed

In our Opening Ritual, we will create the sacred space that protects us as we drift off to "sleep" for a weekend of dreaming. This is the time to let go of mundane worries and enter the magical weekend together. As this is a "bedtime" ritual, appropriate bedtime clothes and jammies are welcome. (Remember family friendly and weather appropriate!) Bring your bunny slippers and join us as we enjoy the rituals of bedtime.

Main Ritual - Dreaming the Dream

In our Main Ritual, we will be free to dream the wonderful dreams that we have for ourselves and our community. We will explore those things that scare us and keep us from dreaming big! We will voice our wildest dreams, if we dare, and create a huge symbol to carry our dreams into reality. And we will empower those dreams to break forth into the day light. As this ritual takes place within the dream world, wonderful costumes of fantasy and play are welcome. Who are you in your wildest dreams? What dream do you have that needs to break forth?? The ritual will last approximately 1-2 hours. Folding chairs and ground cloths for sitting are welcome.

Closing Ritual - Returning to Reality

In our Closing Ritual, we will bring our dreams into the the light and allow them to be acknowledged. We will empower these dreams once again, within the light of day, to ignite the energy of our dreams and send them toward the reality of realization. We will close the sacred space that has protected us and say good bye to old friends and new.

Open Rituals for Exploring Other Paths

Once again this year, Quest is pleased to offer open rituals put on by some of our members and community groups. These rituals are offered in different traditions to allow participants the opportunity to experience a new or unfamiliar path. Listen for announcements for these wonderful opportunities and feel free to join in.

Childcare Care During Rituals

Children are welcome at, and encouraged to participate in, all of our rituals. For those children that choose not to fully participate in the ritual, Sherri will be providing childcare again this year during the 3 Rituals for parents that would like it. Please bring your child to the children's workshop area 5 minutes before the Ritual, and then pick them up within 10 minutes of the Ritual's end. Some of the activities planned are flashlight tag and free play.

Children's Ritual - Saturday 1:30 - 2:30

This year, CSQ is pleased to present a short children's ritual open to children of all ages. In this ritual, the children will be able to explore and create personal altars in each of the directions. This ritual will be conducted by Emerald and will be held in front of the children's area in the grass.

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