CSQ - Spring 2006 Budget


Spring Quest 2006 - Proforma Budget

41 6580100Number of Full Time Equivalent Participants
Learning Circle Fees$72$114$140$175
Vendor Fees$41$65$80$100
Convenience Fees$77$121$150$187
Late Fees$83$130$160$200
T-Shirt income$234$367$451$564
Total Income$4,027$6,322$7,781$9,726
Facilities Rental$900$900$900$900
Equipment Rental 7 Supplies$214$273$310$360
Meals - participants$820$1,300$1,600$2,000
T-shirt expense$401$514$586$682
Learning Circle & Ritual Materials$124$195$240$300
Children's Program$113$178$219$273
Other Programs$83$130$160$200
Communications Supplies$52$81$100$125
PayPal Fees$99$155$190$230
Total Expenses$4,030$4,950$5,530$6,303
Net Surplus (Deficit)$(3)$1,372$2,251$3,423

41 full-time adult participants is the break-even point. Below that attendance, the event loses money. Note that a children 6-11 and day-pass participants are counted as on half FTE.

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