CSQ - Spring 2006 Childrens'Program


Childrens' Program

The CSQ family is growing every year. This means that the Children's Program grows broader and deeper each year, adapting to feedback from previous years to improve our program. Based on input from our older children, the 12 and older age group prefers to attend the adult Learning Circles, and so we encourage their participation in those offerings.

Learning Circles for the Children

Children's Learning Circles will be offered during the normal Learning Circle times on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning. You can drop off your children at the children's workshop area 5 minutes before Learning Circles are to begin to allow you to be on time for your workshop. All children will need to be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of the scheduled Learning Circle times. Please remmeber to sign in your child/ren when they are droped off and sign them out when picked up.

Some snacks and a drink will be provided during Children's Learning Circles, but you may bring any drinks or snacks you would like for your child (but please label them with your child's name).

Assistants are needed during the Learning Circle times, and parents are encouraged to sign-up. This represents an opportunity to play with the kids during your community service shift!

Friday Afternoon - Ritual Etiquette: Knowing when to be playful and when to be serious will help children (and their parents) during ritual. This Learning Circle will teach the kids about ritual etiquette so that ritual is meaningful and fun for children and adults alike.

Saturday Morning - Specific activity still in the planning stage.

Saturday Afternoon - Splash time/free play: If the weather allows we will have a supervised splash time for the kids. Please bring appropriate clothing and towels for your little ones. If the weather does not allow for this activity we will have a supervised free play.

Sunday Morning - Remembering Our Time Together: The children will use printed digital pictures of their weekend activities to create mementos of our time together. Each family will have a favorite photo framed and decorated by their child to take home.

Once again we will use sidewalk chalk to personalize the walkways at Camp Lapihio and would like to encourage everyone else that passes by to take some time out during the weekend to add to our sidewalk murals. We will keep colored chalk out and available all weekend.

Children's Ritual - Saturday 1:30 - 2:30

This year, CSQ is pleased to present a short children's ritual open to children of all ages. In this ritual, the children will be able to explore and create personal altars in each of the directions. This ritual will be conducted by Emerald and will be held in front of the children's area in the grass.

General Information

Meal Times and Snacks: As last year, children are encouraged to gather at the bell before lunch and dinner with their parents - we will have a brief announcement session and blessing of the meal. Then children (with an assisting parent if necessary) will be at the head of the serving line. Also, look for the popular snack table, that is accessible in-between meals, for children of all ages!

Photos: Throughout the weekend we will be taking photos of the children that will be used to make mementos of their time at Quest in the Sunday morning workshop. If you would prefer that no photos are taken of your child please let us know when you sign them in.

Flashlights and Clothing: Some planned night-time activities require a flashlight, so please bring one for your child. Also, keep in mind that kids will get messy during planned activities, so dress them accordingly and bring a spare change of clothes and shoes to the Children's Learning Circles and Rituals.

Sunday Clean-up: Tim and Sherri will provide supervised play for children during the end of weekend clean-up time at the children's workshop area to give parents time to pack and clean.

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