CSQ - 2005 Rituals



The Ritual Team has been contemplating many aspects of the theme "With Our Hands, and With Our Hearts..." to design rituals that support the multitude of Pagan paths that our community represents. All rituals are open to children and are designed to accommodate everyone, regardless of physical limitations. For children not wishing to attend the larger rituals, alternative child-oriented activities will be offered during Opening, Main, and Closing Ritual timeslots. Comfortable attire is encouraged at all rituals. Festive dress is always appreciated.

Opening Ritual - Friday Night

The Opening Ritual will create sacred space and weave together our hands and hearts in community. This is the time to let go of our mundane worries and enter our magical weekend together.

Main Ritual - Saturday Night

The Main Ritual explores the transformational power of Our Hands and Our Hearts in our personal lives, our sacred community, and the larger world. Our hands impact the world in many ways - as healers, educators, caregivers, activists, environmentalists, philosophers, and as magic-users. Our hearts have many and varied responses to the voices and actions of the community - compassion, anger, dismay, sadness, joy, passion, and wonder. Have we kept our hands and hearts in sync? How do our actions influence our feelings, and how do our feelings influence our actions? What do we envision for the community and the world and how does that vision guide our hands and hearts - both during the weekend and throughout the year. The ritual will last approximately 1-2 hours. Folding chairs and ground cloths for sitting upon are welcome.

Closing Ritual - Sunday Afternoon

In the Closing Ritual, we will finalize the celebration of the weekend, open sacred space, and acknowledge the strength of our community built by our hands and hearts.

The Rainbow Bridge Ritual - Saturday Afternoon

We all know the pain and grief of losing a beloved pet or familiar. This ritual focuses on honoring, remembering, and reconnecting with those we love that have crossed over. Please bring photos, poetry, and other special items for inclusion on the central altar.

Self-Guided Ritual Opportunities

Umstead is a beautiful, spiritual place. If you would like to conduct a personal or small group ritual, please let the CSQ staff know. We are happy to help you find a space for your rite.

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