CSQ - 2005 Directors' Welcome


Directors' Welcome

Welcome and Merry Meet!

At Spring Quest 2004, "Our Magical Paths, Our Sacred Community," we looked at the journey we have made to get to this point in time. Last year we followed the twists and turns of the labyrinths of our own individual paths. We journeyed back and forth, to find ourselves coming back to the center – back to the connection that we have with each other. Coming back not only individually, but collectively to the center of our community – CSQ’s Spring 2004 event. We celebrated together! We sang and laughed and drummed together. And we partook of the joy of friendship and the comfort in family of both blood and sacred kin.

Now we look at this sacred community and ask, "What will we do with this in the future? How can we use this precious thing that we have created together to build something even greater?"

We pondered that question one evening not too long ago and realized that in this community our greatest gift is ourselves! And our greatest joy can be found not only in celebrating that, but in using this gift for the betterment of our community and our world! The theme for Spring Quest 2005 was born — "With Our Hands, and With Our Hearts..." With our hands, we can shape our community. We can shape our future as earth-based spiritualists. And we can give back through service, not only to each other, but to the community at large. With our hearts, we can heal! We can heal ourselves and each other. And we can heal the planet, by giving back of our love and energy.

Our Program embraces the many paths and interests that make up our community. Learning circles explore Mendhi, plant medicine for women, Reiki and GreenCraft. Learn to make your own mead (honey wine), create music, communicate with animals or weave the power of the planets. The children get a chance to create wind chimes, heart tee-shirts and photo mementos. Drum and dance until the wee hours. And, as always, there will be time for ritual, connecting with friends - old and new, relaxation and lots of good food!

We would like to welcome back the many individuals that have made up Quest in the past

  • If you have ever attended a Spring Quest, come back for the joy of returning and to reconnect with friends.
  • If you have never attended, come and discover the amazing group of people that make up the pagan community in the Carolinas, Virginia and the surrounding areas.
  • And if you can't make the whole weekend, check out the day rates on the registration form and come for the portion that you can.

Please join us as we gather again in our sacred community for our 10th Anniversary Spring Quest event to celebrate "With Our Hands, and With Our Hearts..." and to explore the many possibilities for love, service and healing.

Brightest Blessings ~

Becky Starr and Cynthia Campbell
Co-directors, Spring 2005


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