CSQ - Auction of Goods & Services


Auction of Goods & Services 2005

Come join us for dessert and the fourth annual CSQ Magickal Auction! All day Saturday you will have the opportunity to bid on some very special items donated by our members and vendors. The Silent Auction works this way:

  • The items and/or description of them will be on bid sheets in the Mess Hall starting early Saturday.
  • Simply record your name and bid amount on the description form.
  • If someone outbids you, enter a new bid. Bids can be raised in whole dollar increments.
  • After the Main Ritual Saturday evening, we will assemble in the Mess Hall to conclude the auction.
  • Bid sheets will be collected and the winners identified.
  • For instant gratification items, delivery of the item will be made upon payment. All other items must be paid for by the end of the Sunday business meeting.

A few items may be sold in Live Auction. Stay and participate in the fun. All proceeds of the auction will go to fund future CSQ projects and events. These funds allow Quest to try new ideas.

Here are some of the items on offer this year. If you have an item or service that you would like to donate to the auction or just want to talk about it, please contact Tracy Britto at tbritto@nc.rr.com.

Heart and Hands Art-Deco Sculpture
WinterQuest "Behind the Mask" basket - filled with homemade fruit butter, tomato sauce, vegetable soup stock; rose petal and lavender potpourri from the main ritual, along with a mask for meditation; plus fresh lavender scones.
Original Stained Glass Artwork, by BlueMoon
Child's Cloak, by Magikalchild
Meditation Kit - Scent of Earth - Bergamot
Silver’s Spells for Protection, by Silver Raven Wolf
Moon & Stars Votive Holder and Candle
Kundalini Snake Incense Dish
2 Elo Entuitive 1525L 15 – LCD Touchmonitors
2 Pairs of Earrings - Flowers and Hematite
Yixing Chinese Square Tea Pot
Framed Water Color Flower Print
Leaf-Covered Scrapbook/Book of Shadows
Oriental Carved Cork Landscape
Decorated Incense Box & Nag Champa Incense Sticks

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