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One of the main goals of Carolina Spirit Quest has been to provide really great single and multi-day events. Each year since 1996 Carolina Spirit Quest has been pleased to present Spring Quest, a weekend of workshops, rituals and community. Each year this event has been growing and improving. In 2001 we expanded our repertoire to include Quest Specials - single day events featuring extended workshops in cities throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. In 2003 we added Winter Quest, another weekend long event that provides new opportunities for our participants.

As a result of the three Mid-Atlantic and two North Carolina Pagan Leadership Conferences, Carolina Spirit Quest and three other regional Pagan non-profit organizations recognized the need for in-depth skills training courses for deeper organizational growth. Four organizations, Carolina Spirit Quest, The DC Radical Faeries, The Open Hearth Foundation, Inc. and PagaNet, Inc., have worked collaboratively to design and present a training conference to meet these needs. These organizations have invested time and money to make this dream manifest. Experienced professionals from the Pagan community presented classes specifically tailored to meet the needs of covens, churches, groves, circles, land sanctuaries and community centers. This conference provids the intensive "nuts and bolts" training necessary to create, maintain, and strengthen local Pagan initiatives. Because of the success of the last five PLSC conferences, the consortium will present another such conference and training session July 23 - 26 2009 in Richmond, VA.

Upcoming events —

  • Winter Quest 2011 will be held January 14 - 16, 2011 at James River State Park in VA.
  • Spring Quest 2010 will be held April 16 - 18, 2010 at Camp Royall, Moncure, NC.
  • Pagan Leadership Skills Conference 2010 will be held in July 22 - 25 2009 in Richmond, VA.

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