Learning Circles are presented in various locations, including the Main Lodge and the common rooms of cabins. Cabins are NOT within walking distance of the main lodge. We will arrange rides to cabins for Learning Circles as necessary.

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Learning Circles

Cooking for the Sabbaths - Ashley Lee

Sabbath is approaching and you are going to the ritual. Do you know what you are making? Do you know why you are making it? In this workshop we will look at the various recipes, and ingredients for Sabbath cooking. Even if you don't cook, you can find something to pick up that still holds the same importance. There will be hands on in this workshop as we prepare a few dishes for two upcoming Sabbaths, Imbolg and Ostara

Priests and Priestesses to the World - Becky Starr

In days gone by, when a person felt called to serve the God or Goddess, they would go to live and serve in a temple - such as in Greek, Roman or Egyptian culture. In other places, the person called might sequester themselves and live apart from the tribe returning only to administer rites or medicines. In this day and time, many of us claim the title of “Priest” or “Priestess”, but what does it mean to serve as a Priest or Priestess now? How do we serve each other and the world in this sacred role? In this learning circle, we will explore the idea of what it means to be a Priest or Priestess in this time and place. How can we be of service to the gods? And how does that service fit into a life that’s already full of work, family and cell phones?

Dream Time Pleasures - Becky Starr

In this workshop we will create two herbal delights to relax you and enhance your dream time. The first is a delicious herbal bath aromatic that will soften the skin while relaxing the mind. We will use lavender, rose and chamomile herbs and the skin soften properties of oatmeal and sea-salt. After that, we will look at dream pillows to assist your journey into the land of dreams and the many different herbal mixtures that can aid us. Little-to-no sewing skills required.

Gift of Pleasure: Foot and Hand Massage - Dick Merritt

Being able to touch skillfully and sensitively enhances our sensual expression. To touch with awareness is a beautiful gift for a friend or lover. Massage and the healing power of touch underlie most bodywork and healing energy modalities. It can be a part of many diverse spiritual paths. Besides, it is fun.

Workshop consists of demonstrations and practice. Participants will learn to give and exchange relaxing and healing massage of the feet and hands. Wear clothing loose enough to grant access to the arm up to the elbow and the lower leg up to the knee. Bring a towel for each participant. Oil is furnished.

Shadow Work: Using the Tarot as a Guide to Understanding Your Shadow - Donna Newell

Carl Jung’s concept of The Shadow explains those aspects of us that are hidden or denied. This denial may be for many reasons, but often the reason is because these character traits are viewed as undesirable or harmful to our place in society. Nevertheless, these traits do not disappear—they remain deep in us, revealing themselves in ways that may be counterproductive to our goals and desires in life.

This class uses the tarot as a tool to gaining insight into our Shadow. By acknowledging our Shadow characters and their traits, and even by embracing this aspect of us that we have repressed for so long, we found ourselves further along the path of fulfillment and wholeness. The Major Arcana will be examined from a Shadow viewpoint, illustrating the Shadow archetypes that reside in our psyche. The Minor Arcana will provide paths that show “how” we can embrace our shadow. The class will also instruct students in creating Shadow spreads.

Moon Mysteries - Sharon Hill

The Moon is a symbol of the Goddes, of feminine energy, of the cycles of life. She is a complex personae with much to teach us. Let us sit at her feet and absorb her energy and teaching. In this workshop, we will look at the symbolism, lore, and magick of the Moon. We will start with the waning and waxing phases that all of us observe and delve deeper into the complex dance of the Moon through the solar cycle, looking to her transit of the astrological signs and how we can align ourselves more closely with her energies in our magickal practice and in our lives

Herbs for Ceremony and Life - Sharon Hill

Herbs are earth magick. They are of the realm of the physical, but much like ourselves, herbs are complex entities with spirit and life of their own. In this workshop, we will discuss some ways of beginning for some, and continuing for others to build a relationship with the plant community by inviting them to be our allies in ritual, magick, nutrition, healing, and life. This is an introductory workshop, but should offer something for each attendee. If not, I’ll let you teach.

My Pagan Path 2009 - Sharon Hill

This is an opportunity for personal visioning and spiritual goal setting for the 2009 year. We will look at runes, astrology, and tarot as well as delve deep into our own psyches (or as deep as you dare, it can get scary in there). This is a highly interactive class and will use journaling, group activity, guided meditation, and lecture to support attendees in navigating an individual process of gaining clarity regarding their path for the year. This workshop will be a unique creation of the facilitator and attendees. Together we will create a space to do transformative work.

There will be an opportunity for discussion and interaction and the facilitator is open to creating the experience together. We will adjust our focus to delve more deeply into areas of particular interest to the attendees.

Hiking in the Winter Landscape - Staff

Fairy Stone has many trails to hike. One of the ways to discover the divinity within and surrounding each of us is to take a leisurely hike through the winter landscape. It can be a veritable walking meditation in silence. Join us and enjoy the Zen of the winter world.


Becky StarrBecky Starr is an instructor by passion and training, having worked in the mundane world as a corporate trainer, instructional designer and training manager for over 10 years. Now, she is in the process of starting her own business, Starrlight Mead, with her husband, Ben. In the Pagan world, she finds herself a frequent workshop leader for Celebrate the Circle, the CUUPS chapter of Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Hillsborough and at events for Carolina Spirit Quest, including both Spring Quest and Winter Quest. Becky considers herself an eclectic Egyptian Pagan, is a Priestess of Isis and lives in Durham, NC with her husband, teenage son, and cat, Missy. Becky is a Priestess of Isis, member and frequent ritual team-member of CTC, serious Quest addict and lives in Durham, NC.

Dick Merritt Dick Merrit, a retired professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association, led massage workshops for many years. Dick grew into paganism through the influence of eco-feminist spirituality in the 80's. It was a natural fit, given his agrarian background. He is an eclectic neo-pagan and Unitarian Universalist. Dick characterizes himself as a Joseph Campbell pagan because of his conviction that religion is metaphor. Strongly influenced by the Creation Spirituality movement, he describes himself as a panentheist. He enjoys frequent rituals and purification ceremonies. A techno-pagan, he is a retired UNIX technician.

Donna Newell is an English teacher at Cary Academy. She instructs students in literature, specifically World Literature and Classic Literature. She has also created courses in Mythology, Gothic Literature, and Science Fiction. Currently, Donna is researching the portrayal of Shadow archetypes in modern monsters: the vampire, the werewolf, and the zombie.

Sharon Hill is a licensed therapist, certified employee assistance professional, teacher, healer, shaman, and mystic. She teaches often in the pagan community and has interest in runes, chakras, shamanism, Jungian psychology, personal growth, astrology, tarot, and the Dark Goddess. She lives in Durham with her lovely companion Silver.

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