CSQ - Spring 2008 Directors Welcome


Directors' Welcome

Hail and Merry Meet!

“Our Many Faces” is an event honoring the faces that we share with the world. Our faces are young, old, male, female, Asatru, Wiccan, eclectic, Celtic, Pagan, and Christian. All these are faces, all these are labels that are applied to us, all these describe us individually and collectively. What face do we wear at work? What face do we show our families? How do we show ourselves when we worship? What face do we see in the mirror? Are these different faces unrecognizable to each other or just variations of the same face? There is something that holds us together as a group, although we follow different paths, and present different faces. Is there one face that we all share?

Returning Questers and newcomers alike will find many wonderful things to enjoy this year. We are happy to say that our Children’s program is going strong and will once again include their own learning circles as well as time to play and to just be kids. For teens and adults alike, this year we have many wonderful new learning circles as well as a few old favorites all of which are taught by very talented and dedicated instructors. Our ritual team will lead us through taking a look at the faces we currently share and discovering the faces we which to leave with. On Friday night Iðavelli Hof's Seiðr Group invites you to a special Spæ session. Spæ is the Old Norse term for an oracular practice in which a Seer answers questions and/or speaks the future for the community. The rite of Spæ gives one an opportunity to better understand the context of the choices one faces. And last but certainly not least, back by popular demand, Vendor Village for your shopping delight!!!

Share a little of yourself by bringing a sacred item to place on the Community Alter space. Also in the spirit of sharing a little of yourself bring an item to give to someone else and receive a gift from the spirits with the Spirit Gift exchange. And who can forget our long-time tradition at Spring Quest of the Magickal Auction!!! Join the revelry of bidding on items in friendly competition, so bring your Galleons, Sickles, and knuts for these one-of-a-kind items!
The best thing you’ll find at Spring Quest is our sense of community. Together we will eat, learn, laugh, sing, drum, and dance around the fire circle. We welcome all pagans from every persuasion to join us for this magical weekend. We hope to see you at Spring Quest 2009!!!

Brightest Blessings ~
Carolina Spirit Quest
Board of Trustees


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