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Director’s Welcome

Quest: Blood, Stones and Runes began as an item in a long list of items on a flip chart at a CSQ Board meeting. I took to the idea immediately and knew that I wanted to make it happen. This concept is new to CSQ. A one day set of three intensive Workshops aimed at a small region of the area CSQ serves. Judging by the enthusiasm and interest it has generated, I am willing to say that it is a successful experiment.

I have been honored to work with some of the best Pagan leaders in this area and blessed with fantastic volunteers. Hard work and VERY lively (and sometimes loud) discussions bonded our little group together into a sacred family. The result was this; a day of spiritual growth that will include intense, in-depth Workshops that have been the most requested, community building Rituals and a joyously shared sacredness.

Thanks to all the Staff and to all the people who are not Staff, but worked hard anyway, to make this possible. And thank you to the Participants and your support and instant enthusiasm that allowed this to come together!

Nameste, my friends!
Gryphon Rosemead,
Director, Quest: Blood, Stones and Runes 2001

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