CSQ - Spring 2007 Rituals



As we share in the spirit and togetherness of a meeting of the pagan minds, we ask that you celebrate this joyous occasion as we hail in ritual together. We have three wonderful rituals planned to help guide and connect us while we make this journey together.

Children are welcome at, and encouraged to participate in all of our rituals.

Opening Ritual: First Steps

In our opening ritual we will celebrate togetherness, and discover the foundations of our journey. It will be a time of great merriment and energy raising.
You are requested to bring the following items, the token that you are given at check-in and positive energy.
There is no specific dress requirement for this ritual. You may come in any attire of your chosing - family friendly, please.

Main Ritual: The Learning Years

In our main ritual, we will focus on the journey that has brought us to this place, this moment. We will connect through a guided group meditation. We will retrace our steps to better understand our journey. As we descend back to the mundane we shall dance and combine energy to prepare us for the evening festivities.
Please bring a blanket or chair for sitting to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Ritual attire is requested for this occasion, BUT is not mandatory.

Closing Ritual: The Golden Years

As we say good-bye and begin to depart, our closing ritual brings us back to reality. We will take this time to remember our steps, cherish our learning and make designs to live out our golden years. Feel free to wear your traveling clothes as we head back to our daily routines.

Self-Guided Ritual Opportunities

Umstead is a beautiful, spiritual place. If you would like to conduct a personal or small group ritual, please let the CSQ staff know. We are happy to help you find a space for your rite.

For more information about Carolina Spirit Quest, please contact info@carolinaspiritquest,org.
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