CSQ - 2003 Rituals



The Ritual Team has been working hard to bring you Rituals that support the weekend theme, "Stepping into the Light," raise energy, and direct it to support all our chosen Pagan lifestyles, whether it is private worship, public celebration or somewhere in-between. The Opening and Closing Rituals will be short and to the point and the Main Ritual will be tight and focused on our Working. Children are not only welcome, but will play a major part in the Main Ritual. Participants will be actively involved and there will be a valuable place for those who are non-athletic. All Paths will be honored and many different ones will be incorporated in the Rituals.

Opening Ritual

We will create sacred space and cross the threshold together to begin our magical weekend. Elemental Guardians will be welcomed and symbolized in a beautiful unique way. We will leave our mundane worries behind and begin to circle around our theme for the weekend, "Stepping into the Light."

The Rainbow Bridge Ritual.

We all know the pain and grief of losing a beloved pet. Join Tammie Ward as we remember, honor and reconnect with our friends that have crossed over. Please bring any photos, poetry, toys, etc. to place on an altar. This ritual will last between 30-45 minutes. If you would like to help plan this ritual, contact Tammie Ward at thorsmountain@hotmail.com

Self-Guided Ritual Opportunities

Millstone is a beautiful, spiritual place. If you would like to conduct a personal or small group ritual, please let the CSQ staff know. We are happy to help you find a space for your rite.

Main Ritual

We will listen to the wisdom of the Elements. Then we will each be chosen by an Elemental Being and go out into the woods, forming our own smaller tribe. Consider the following questions carefully to prepare for this Ritual: What does each Element bring to those who celebrate their Pagan beliefs publicly? What do the Elements provide for those that are contemplating that step into the open? What do the Elements give to those who practice their spirituality quietly? When each tribe has answered these questions to the satisfaction of the Elemental Being they are with, we will join with the other tribes and share our strengths while building energy. We will step into the light together and release our cone of power.

Closing Ritual

Time to go back to our mundane lives, but keep some of the light we have created. We will release our sacred space, thank all who have helped us throughout the weekend and say a slow farewell to each other.

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