CSQ - 2003 Menu


Carolina Spirit Quest 2003 Menu

Minor Adjustments/Variations May Occur
Friday Breakfast
Board members and staff - early arrivals (non-Board or Staff will need to pay $5)
Scrambled eggs, toast, bagels, sausage, hash browns, oatmeal, grits, fruit, coffee, tea, juice, milk
Friday Lunch
Board, staff, Friday intensive participants (early arrivals not on Board or Staff or registered for intensive will need to pay $5)
Grilled veggie wraps - vegan, hamburgers, hot dogs, mac & cheese, veggie burgers - vegan, baked beans, tossed salad, baked apples, beverages
Friday Dinner
Prime rib, honey mustard chicken, fettuccini alfredo, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed egg plant - vegan, sautéed veggies - vegan, rissole potatoes, tossed salad, brownies and ice cream, beverages
Saturday breakfast
Same as Friday - except with bacon and French toast
Saturday Lunch
Sloppy joes, quesadilla (beef, chicken, vegan), hummus - vegan, sautéed veggies, fruit salad, tossed salad, potato chips, beverages
Saturday Dinner
Roast pork, chicken in pesto with angel hair pasta, veggie lasagna - vegan, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with onion and garlic, ratatouille - vegan, tossed salad, apple cobbler, beverages
Sunday Breakfast
Same as Friday with pancakes, sausage, beverages
Sunday Lunch
Chicken and dumplings, all left-overs (including meats served as sandwiches), gumbo, veggie burgers, tossed salad, beverages


  • Vegan meals will be located at the end of the serving line; vegans have first choice of these; non-vegans (meat - beef, chicken, pork eaters) will not be served these entrees until all vegans have been served.
  • A kitchen is by nature a dangerous place; therefore unescorted, unsupervised, uncontrolled children are not allowed in or through the kitchen.
  • Special dietary needs must be emailed or telephoned to Bill Elston - gealtinne1@aol.com or 919-359-0866, before midnight, April 8, 2003.

For more information about Carolina Spirit Quest, please contact CSQuest@RTPnet.org.
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