CSQ - 2003 Children's Programs


Children's Program

The CSQ family is growing every year - last year, 10% of our attendance were children! This means that the Children's Program grows broader and deeper each and every year, adapting to the feedback from previous years to improve our program. Based on input from our older children, we will be eliminating specific programming for the 12 and older crowd this year. This age group prefers to attend the regular workshop track, and we encourage their participation in those offerings.

Other changes to the CSQ operations include: gathering at the bell before lunch and dinner - we will have a brief announcement session and blessing of the meal. Then children (with an assisting parent if necessary) will be at the head of the serving line. Also look for some kid-specific menu items and a snack table that is accessible in-between meals.

Children are welcome at, and encouraged to participate in, all of our rituals. For those children that choose not to fully participate in the ritual, Sherri is offering activities near the ritual space so that parents can participate in the ritual and still have visual contact with their little ones.

Tim is organizing a child-care co-op for non-workshop times - parents are encouraged to sign-up. Assistants are needed in the workshop times as well, which represents an opportunity to play with the kids during your work shift!

The program will be divided into two groups, 0- 5 or 6, and 7 to 10 or so. Final groups will be adjusted based on the ages of the children in attendance. The Children's Program will be offered during the normal workshop times on Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning. Parents will be able to drop off their children a few minutes before workshops are to begin to allow them to be on time. At the end of the scheduled workshop time all children will need to be picked up.

Tiny Tot Program - ages 0-5 (or 6)

The younger kids program will consist of age appropriate activities that that will center on reverence of nature-based activities. The art of constructing masks, rattles, and drums continues to be a big hit. Singing, coloring, dancing, and storytelling are favorites with our CSQ little ones. If you missed our pink tepee last year, you missed a treat - look for surprises of delight again this year.

Juniors Program - ages 6 (or 7)-10

This will be an active program! We will be constructing a piņata sun to let our own lights shine. There will be an optional Kids Sweat. The rest of the time we will be exploring the woods and trails around the site as we discuss nature and our spiritual relationship to it. Pack your rain gear just in case - as we might get to explore nature under many circumstances. And don't forget the wading clothes - since creek-wading is a scheduled activity!

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