CSQ - 2003 Directors' Welcome


Director's Welcome

Dear Spring Quest Participants,

Welcome to Carolina Spirit Quest's Spring Quest 2003.

Paganism is a thriving and growing community in the Carolinas, Virginia and beyond. CSQ's mission is to foster growth and networking amongst pagans and to make a more pagan-friendly world. In 2001 we Spread our Wings, exploring magick, ritual, and ourselves. In 2002 we Brought Home the Magick, learning how to care for our spirituality and ourselves throughout the year. This year, we are Stepping Into the Light and exploring how we can live our spirituality more fully personally and in our larger communities.

Stepping Into the Light, what a powerful and scary idea! We each make our own decisions about how public or private we are concerning our beliefs and spirituality. Some of us are totally public; others are very private. Our program this year offers workshops serving the needs of both public and private folk; everything from dealing with the legal issues of religion in the workplace to how to celebrate your spirituality quietly at work.

For returning CSQ veterans we have several new presenters and workshops to offer you a fresh variety to choose from. For first-time attendees we have a Newcomer's Workshop to help you get oriented to the Quest experience and get the most out the weekend. We have expanded the Friday Intensive to a weekend-long intensive track being offered by our very own Dick Merritt. He is teaching Massage: The Gift of Pleasure. Learn the art of massage from his skillful hands!

Our rituals this year promise to surprise, teach, and enlighten us! We will also have drumming, song, dancing, sweat lodges, vendors, wonderful meals, and the community that we all know and love!

Welcome to CSQ 2003! Bring yourselves, your energy, love, and friendship for a weekend away from the world were you can reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Where you can celebrate your spirituality in freedom and peace!

Lance Brown and Dan Tortorelli

A Special Welcome To Newcomers

We are so glad you are with us at Quest. We invite you to attend the Newcomers Workshop 'So This is Your First Quest?' on Friday night (4:30 - 5:30). Attendance is not mandatory, but you will learn many helpful tips. Take a moment to look over the "What To Bring" list. If you think you will be lost without a certain item for the weekend, go ahead and pack it. Make sure you bring lots of ritual items, like clothing, staffs, jewelry, etc. During the Opening, Main and Closing Rituals, it is common to see participants dressed in their finest ritual garb. Robes, dresses, tunics, gowns, cloaks and capes decorated with symbols meaningful to the participants' traditions or body painting in colorful designs are worn by many. Plus, there is always lots of glitter!

Remember, you are here to have fun. If you have questions at any time throughout the weekend, please feel free to ask a Staff or Board member. We are here to help you have an enjoyable weekend. Be ready to meet many different people from many different paths. Bring an open mind and heart, and be ready to learn, teach, share, listen and make new friends. We hope you find yourself Stepping Into the Light. Welcome to Quest!

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